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    Warburton trail updates

    The EES doesn't come cheap by any means. They are normally only completed on large infrastructure projects like wind farms, tunnels, level crossing removals and mines. An EES for a MTB project is a first. There are many people that do not want this to go ahead. Don't hold your breathe. Going off...
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    AM Banshee Prime V3

    Spacer replaces the crown race. Manitou race isn't a split ring so it just prys straight off. Purchased it locally from Ride By Instinct. They distribute Reverse here.
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    AM Banshee Prime V3

    It working well so far I can't fault it. The spacer really came about as the Mattocs are 531mm a2c compared to a fox 34 at 544mm. So with the spacer I am 15mm short Banshee's geo chart listed a2c. So in the low setting currently I am really getting the high setting geo at a 65.7°-66° HA.
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    AM Banshee Prime V3

    Oh really. I run light weight inserts and I'm 92kg and finding them solid so far. Prime has 135mm out back. New images at the top.
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    Newly Released Bikes General

    You hit the nail on the head Zaf. The error rate is no larger than any other manufacturer if not lower. Leo is outspoken but he and others at Pole despite being under manned while being a small operation do a fantastic job. Leo actively asks for feedback and never hides the fact that they aren't...
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    Mondraker Australia

    Off the Brakes have been trying to get onto Paul for the last 3 weeks, with no luck. Off the Brakes no longer deal Mondraker so not sure if there is some bad blood there, they were unable to say. So now I am also trying to get onto personally to sort out a possible warranty issue. Looks like...
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    AM Banshee Prime V3

    Hunts are great! Light, strong and fast rolling. Highly recommend if you are eyeing off a set. I am really liking the way it rides for a 15.3kg bike. It's sensitive off the top. Still waiting on more volume spacers to add for some trial and error to find the right balance. Geo is spot on for...
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    AM Banshee Prime V3

    Picked up the frame from MTB direct for a very good deal. Was going to keep the the Cotic but this was too good to pass up in the Tint Raw colour. Manitou Mattoc Pro 140mm w/ Reverse Components Spacer Fox DPX2 shock Sram X01 derailleur/cranks/chain Sram GX shifter Garbaruk 10-50 Cassette TRP...
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    VIC WTB - Fox DPX2 Volume Spacers

    Item: Fox DPX2 Volume Spacers Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: $10-$15 Extra Info: Smallest 3x of the range - Purple/Grey/Light Blue
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    Sold Cotic FlareMAX Frame - Size XL

    Item: Cotic FlareMax Gen2 Frame - Size XL (Suit 6'2"+ rider) Condition: Execellent, Has been covered in Invisiframe frameskin since new. Only a few chainslap chips and some chain rub. Location: Melbourne Price: $1800 Extra Info: Uses 29er wheels Cane Creek DBAir IL CS Shock Includes Hope...
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    Sold Manitou Mattoc Pro 160mm 27.5/Boost Fork - Brand New

    Incredibly underrated fork at half the normal price
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    Sold Fox 34 Elite FIT4 140mm/29" Boost Fork

    Bump. Steerer is 215mm.
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    Sold Fox 34 Elite FIT4 140mm/29" Boost Fork

    Item: Fox 34 Elite FIT4 140mm/29" Boost Fork 44mm offset Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Very good, few marks Reason for selling: Not Required Price and price conditions: $425 Extra Info: Steerer 215mm. Comes with Syncros fender. Small mark on uppers. Mark is smooth and does not affect...