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    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    I sold my bike to him (from Vic) a couple years ago and he was nothing but polite and didn't try and screw me for price and even helped me out with arranging shipping.
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    Bell Full 9 Stockists in Melbourne??

    [Q I bought mine from Summit Cycles in Fitzroy. I love it (and also have the MX Moto 9-flex helmet).
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    Brake fluid life span

    Im at 14 years without a bleed on my old Shimano LX brakes! They have been on several bikes, now on my commuter.
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    E-line the new French-line?

    I commute in Melbourne and ride an old fashioned pedal yourself bike and regularly get overtaken by e-scooters and e-skateboards that are going well above 30km/hr (as I was going over 30km/hr myself!). I am more worried that they wont be able to stop as quickly as a bike if they needed to.
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    Injuries. What's your story?

    Change of pace from some of the nasty injuries above- my most recent one was..... rotor burn! Fairly stupid crash over the bars after a lot of descending (was at Whistler) and using a lot of rear brake (went through a set of sintered pads on the rear in 5 days...) and somehow the bike landed on...
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    Fox 36 Grip2 lower leg service

    Thanks for the advice - makes sense that the bath oil needs to be the same as the damper given it is circulated. Will investigate servicing the damper as well while its apart.
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    Fox 36 Grip2 lower leg service

    Gday rotorburners, I have serviced many forks in the past (mostly lower leg services) and the time has come to strip and service my 2019 Grip2 Fox 36 fork. I see on the Fox website that instead of using the gold oil in both legs, you now need some special 5wt teflon infused oil in the Grip...
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    Mt Gambier area XC/AM

    Reviving this thread - will be in Mt Gambier in a couple weeks, wondering if its worth throwing my bike in? Trail Forks indicates a few trails near the lake...
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    Whistler questions

    Subscribed! I'll be heading there for a week this year too, although was there with a few locals last year. I did 3 days back to back then and I was rooted by the end, but for this year will hope to do 5 days over 7 on mountain days there. There are definitely lots of xc style trails around...
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    Maydena Bike Park

    I found the double blacks at Maydena no real harder than the blacks, there was just no 'B-Line' on a lot of the features that you would get on the blue/black trails. Some of the black and double black trails are f$%@n steep. I have happily ridden my 160mm bike on every trail there. Did cop more...
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    AM The Big, Black and Thick German

    My 2019 Torque CF8.0 just arrived! Turn around from pressing 'go' on the website was only a week which amazed me. I also got 'boring' stealth black. Am going to put some frame guards on it with some colour..
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    My ultimate bike combo

    I have been riding mtb for many years and have at one point or another been a XC guy or a DH rider having gone through 'phases' of only riding the one discipline. But in the last probably 6 or so years I have been enjoying all forms of riding and hence have tried to have a 'do it all' bike - I...
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    Which trail bike? Django/Sight/Fuel

    I was in the same boat as you (OP) - having narrowed down to the Fuel EX9.8, Django, Scott Spark 910 but the Norco Optic rather than the Sight. I ended up with a Yeti SB4.5 as I accidentally walked into the wrong bike shop.
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    VIC Wanted - 142x12 axle

    I dont recall the end being tapered, so the one at MBD might be the go. I still find it mind boggling that there are so many different standards for holding a rear wheel on. I liked the simpler days of a 9mm QR.
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    VIC Wanted - 142x12 axle

    Bugger Bugger - yep definitely 1.5mm threads. Thanks anyway!