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  1. discofrank

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    Likes Dirt From Canberra, ACT
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    Likes Dirt 41 From Lake Eildon
  5. mas2

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  6. Boom King

    Wheel size expert From Melbourne
  7. Caeneus

    Squid From Townsville
  8. CharlieDontSurf

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  9. Litenbror

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  10. inthesmoke

  11. Jpez

    Is bad From Melbourne
  12. SF Trailboy

    Likes Bikes and Dirt From On the Way
  13. link1896

    Eats Squid From Melbourne
  14. madstace

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  15. Brow

    Big Block From Brisbane
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  16. Oddjob

    Eats Squid From Sydney
  17. boyracer

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  18. hellmansam

    Likes Dirt From Gove

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