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  1. Matt- D8

    Juicy 7 Problem, Hydraulics completely failing??

    Hey Fellas, I am in need of a bit of help with my juicy 7s. The issue is: my rear brake is suddenly loosening all levers feel and touching the bars, however this only happens occasionally, once this happens * obviously I have no braking force) then after it will regain pressure. The same...
  2. Matt- D8

    Wanted- 08 888 ata wc

    WANTED Item: 08 888 ATA WC ( prefer white) Location:Any where ( postage can be arranged) ( i live in wollongong) Item Condition:Exellent condition/ no marks on stanchions Price and price conditions:Throw me a price Extra Info:Can Swap for 07 Fox 40s great condition plus money your way...
  3. Matt- D8

    Juicy 7 Pad adjust problem

    (first up sorry if this has been posted before-my mistake) Hey all The problem is that my pad adjustment knob on my right lever only turn approximatley 2 revolutions resulting in minor adjustment, on the other hand my left lever is perfect with plenty of adjustment. So my question to...
  4. Matt- D8

    Raceface Dialbolus D2 Stems

    Hey fellas, just a quickie here. Raceface Diabolus D2 stems. Are they any good? Where could i pick one up for and for how much? Are there any similar stems around (Similar price) and similar performance? I believe there are various lengths and rises with this stem, which would best...
  5. Matt- D8

    Sunline V1 OS bars- 745mm wide

    Hey fellas i am in need of: Item: V1 OS sun line Bars- 745mm wide Condition: would prefer new or as close to it Location: Wollongong Price: Depends on condition Cheers Matt :cool:
  6. Matt- D8

    Fox 40, Spring Removal/service- (knocking)

    Hey All A quick Service question. My 40s are expieriences knocking throughout there stoke ( travel). I am quite aware that is the spring in the left staunching/lower thats knocking/taping against the (inner) walls of the lowers/staunchings. So first up removing the top cap is relativley easy...
  7. Matt- D8

    Trying to find a New Dh Film?

    Hey farkinerz Probly a silly question, anyway is there a new/recent dh film named "first" or something along those lines? I no theres a film "seasons" which im keen to see. I cannot help with norrowing down the search being the director and what not. help is always appreciated Cheers...
  8. Matt- D8

    I Want to Start Racing. Need Help

    Hey all. Sorry if this has been posted before, or if there is a sub section which underlines what im asking. {also sorry if i posted in the wrong section- mtb discussion seemed appropriate at the time} Any way, im located in wollongong, and ive been rideing for about 2ish years and ive been...
  9. Matt- D8

    Illawarra Ride Organisation Thread!

    Hey all. This thread is every thing to do with rideing in the illawarra, Were everyone gathers and large ride days/sessions are organised. Sooo get in there, start typeing and get invloved, all is welcome. [ PS if your located out of the illawarra, dont let that discourage you, for if you able...
  10. Matt- D8

    Replacenment DU Shock bushes for 07 Glory.

    Hey all, i would like to know were the best place is to purchase and install a new set of DU Shock bushes for my 07 glory. I dont need the Bushes now, this thread is just for future needs, to safe time when they finally wear out. Any information is more than welcome. Thank you Kind Regards...
  11. Matt- D8

    e13 sgs chain guide Problems- Seems to hate chains :(

    Hey all. Im running a e13 sgs on my 07 glory, and dam.. i cant keep the chain on. Ive lowered the top guide and even spaced it out about 2mm. Ive heards that some people bend the metal bracket towards the bashy? Does any one else have this problem, if so have they sorted it out and HOW did they...
  12. Matt- D8

    My New 07 Glory, Immaculate :)

    Hey all ive just recently grabbed myself a 07 glory, Its in immaculate condition, all components are just run it. Oh and for the performace, its just perfect, it handles like its on rails. Coming of a Avanti D8 (alsome bike) the difference is huge, from 03- 07 model, mountain bikes have came...
  13. Matt- D8

    Best Lubrication for my Ringle Lawwill Rear hub?

    Hey all Im currently a running Sun Ringle Abbah Lawwill DH hub at the rear of my glory, and i was wondering is there any real lubricant that such a hub would run for the freewheel system. Im currently running a very small amount of diluted grease with a mix of silicon oil, to form a film...
  14. Matt- D8

    Mt Stromlo Easter Break Ride ( Friday to sunday arvo)

    Hey all, Me an my mate are heading up to mt stromlo tomorrow ( friday to sunday) for the easter break. I was wondering if any one else is heading up there aswell. If so add to this thread, PM me, or look out for a 07 dho glory, a blue stp0, v10 and a dh team, on stromlo. Thanks Kind Regards...
  15. Matt- D8

    Easter - Mt Stromlo Ride

    Hey all me and my mates are thinking of going to mt stromlo for easter fora bit less than a week. Is any one doing the same? Does any one want to tag along we would be more than happy to get a group together Any way tell me what you think and we can go from there Thank you Kind...
  16. Matt- D8

    Saint Crank Bolt won't come out. need help

    Hey Farkiners. I recently tryed to take my saint cranks of. The two clamp bolts on the Non drive side, needed to come out. Any way one came out easy enough, how ever the previous owner must have used a 5 metre long allen key to tighten it up. When i tryed to undo it the allen head simply striped...
  17. Matt- D8

    Removing + installing a new Headset. ( PIG FSA PRO DH heaset)

    Hey farkiners. This may have been posted up before, however i couldnt find it. I am upgradeing from a pig fsa dh head set ( roller ball bearings) To a PIG FSA PRO DH Headset ( sealed bearings). How ever i am not sure how to get the existing headset of so i may press the new headset on. If...
  18. Matt- D8

    Norco Team 07 for DH race? Are they Any good?

    When it comes to DH Race, high end competition. How does a norco 07 stand on the table of dh race bikes. I would love to know how they handle regarding slalom sections, rock gardens, large hits, tight corners, bermed corners etc etc. Also how is the geometry. On they recieved 5/5 for...
  19. Matt- D8

    De Badged Hubs on Specialized Demo 8

    Hey all. Ive been looking inot a specialized demo 8. 07 frame with 06 components. Its running 721s with black specialized hubs and i was wondering ( due to rumours) that some of the specialized hubs being run on the high end bikes ( demo) are actually De-Badged Hope Pro 2 or some thing along...
  20. Matt- D8

    Norco Team 07 VS 07 Specialized Demo 8-- Need opinions

    Hey all. I am looking for a new bike and i am tossing up between a 07 Specialized Demo 8 And a Norco Team 07 With codes. Both within the 3300 range. What are you opinions? Thank you Kind Regards Matthew :)