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  1. Jim Junkie

    Garage Wall Mounts

    I use a variety of the Clug and a fold down hook (similar to this: Neither are ideal solutions. I used the Clug because it was cost effective, easy to put in and take out the bike and suited fixing to one...
  2. Jim Junkie

    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Oi, I take offence at that. It's more like 1990, we've almost got a rail tunnel now! Should be finished by about 2000. At the original post though, Pushy's has been good for that in the past with me. Accidentally bought 2 of something I only wanted one of, no hassle sorting out the order and...
  3. Jim Junkie

    Brand new ( just out the wrapper!)

    I quite like my Ion K-Pacts for the normal ride arounds, and they don't bother me in SEQ heat. Stay (generally) where they should and have stopped the bones in my knees doubling in quantity pretty effectively. The only advice I'd have for pads & other protection though is that if you're buying...
  4. Jim Junkie

    Shorts - The struggle is real

    I rate the ground effect, which is one half of my regular use set. They're comfy, well made and pass as casual (at least for my low bar of getting dressed). The zips are well disguised, but the extra pockets and vents give them away as riding shorts. The others I like to wear are Nukeproof...
  5. Jim Junkie

    New (to me) app - Relive

    I've been using it for a while. I enjoy looking back at some of the more scenic or eventful rides, and it's a bit more of an interactive way to share it with other people than just Strava. This was a fun one, riding Kevin (bike) and saw another Kevin (bike) on the way to meet Kevin (person)...
  6. Jim Junkie

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Damn, could have made myself $60.... Not mountain bike related, but this shows up in the today's picks. Can you claim never worn if you're clearly wearing it in the photo?
  7. Jim Junkie

    How do you maintain food discipline?

    I've got the same scales myself & just took a peak at the body fat %, which I'd been gleefully ignoring. It used to be about 12% 5-6 years ago, now it starts with a 2, although it has been dropping. The evidence is getting a little damning at this point, I need to sort out my diet. On the...
  8. Jim Junkie

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Oh yeah, it's a PITA to get undone, but it is possible. Lay the bike down, one foot on the pedal. A 1/2m breaker bar or big torque wrench helps too.
  9. Jim Junkie

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Yeah, the RF Aeffect ones I have are a 8mm bolt to hold them in & it used to come loose all the time. Until I realised I was mis-reading the torque spec as 6.1Nm when it was actually 61Nm. Once I found a torque wrench big enough, it's not come loose again since.
  10. Jim Junkie

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Got out and rode the Banshee for a lunchtime session today. And it felt GOOD. Also, my rim arrived to fix my other bike, so now I have some work to do there too. Now if we could just get rid of this lockdown, I could get out for Easter riding and all would be good in the world.
  11. Jim Junkie

    Little Things You Hate

    I'd probably try that and the computer would catch on fire. Not sure I'm game
  12. Jim Junkie

    Little Things You Hate

    LTIH: Car breaking down LTIL: Fixing said car through 10hrs of diagnostics & work on the weekend. 70km test drive with no issues and purring along LTIH: Car sputtering and going back to where it was last thing Sunday night. Looks like this one is off to the mechanic in the morning. Hopefully...
  13. Jim Junkie

    Rim cracks at spokes

    I wouldn't have expected much of a difference between straight gauge and double / triple butted with that measurement style, provided it's measuring on a uniform section? Admittedly though, I'm usually primarily concerned with uniformity of tension, rather than magnitude, so haven't been to...
  14. Jim Junkie

    Rim cracks at spokes

    Looking further into this, it seems to be just the 350/359 radially complaint wheels with the built in washers, so I will be adding those to the build next time around
  15. Jim Junkie

    Rim cracks at spokes

    Through the TM-1 conversion guide: My notes since going back to check are below. Spokes installed are DT Swiss Competition, double butted. I took the measurement around midline of spoke between the last cross and the nipple, being sure...
  16. Jim Junkie

    Rim cracks at spokes

    I had considered that, but according to Spank, any May 2019 or later had washers built in (These were October 2019). The FAQ only addresses Spank 350/359 rims, and there appears to be very little information on the Flare's, but I'll definitely be checking on the fresh rim before lacing. Yeah...
  17. Jim Junkie

    Rim cracks at spokes

    Went to ride home from work yesterday and came down to a bike with a flat tire. Not unheard of as I quite often collect a thorn / thumb tack / other sharp object in the tire on the commute and get a slow leak. However, upon pulling the tire off, I noticed this: :oops:. For context, the...
  18. Jim Junkie

    Multitool weight weenies

    +1 for the CB M17, only crank brothers thing I own and it's been going strong for 9 years now. I also have one of these: which I picked up for free a few years back. It's pretty good and not too heavy, but I feel like it...
  19. Jim Junkie

    Genetic sequencing

    $300, that's crazy. 6 years ago I spent $2k to get the bulk of possible mutations for CF tested, as my son came up having through standard testing as having one of the required 2 gene mutations, so a carrier. Being our first, there was the lingering question of whether we potentially both had...
  20. Jim Junkie

    Little Things You Hate

    Is that because I mentioned riding there? What if I designated it a running only gap jump? Do I still need an EES?