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    Small form drink bottles for smaller frames

    Hi all, So I’ve got my wife a new bike which is her first dually and is a small frame and her drink bottle is a really tight fit. was wondering if anyone can suggest a good smaller formed drink bottle? Alternately if I could get a bottle cage that sits a few cm’s lower on the frame would also...
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    ACT. Leaving bike rack on car when bike not being carried?

    Hi all, I notice a lot of people in Canberra leave their bike trailers on their cars when not transporting bikes. Is this legal in Canberra? I could of sworn I had read it’s not allowed but can’t seem to find anything on it.
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    This Giant sale looks sus in ACT.

    This Giant on Gumtree looks a bit sus. Especially since it’s been spray painted.
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    Best value ladies dual suspension MTB under $3000?

    So my wife has started to enjoy Mountain biking so I was thinking of getting her a decent bike for Xmas. From browsing online I don’t mind the Canyon WMNS Neuron AL 6.0 which is just under $2600 delivered. She obviously won’t be able to test it out being Canyon but I don’t think that will matter...
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    Cost to return shoes to Chain reaction?

    Hi all, We have been looking at getting a pair of MTB flat pedal shoes for my wife but can’t find any locally available t even try on. I was looking at chain reaction cycles who have a pretty good range and they will let us return them if we get the wrong size. Has anyone returned anything the...
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    Night riding thread?

    Hey mods, Have you thought about adding a night riding thread at all?
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    Soles wearing on flat pedal shoes

    I decided to give flat pedals a go so purchased a set of decent pedals and some Five Ten impact VXI flat pedal shoes. I love riding flats and have learnt a lot from it but I’ve noticed the soles are wearing out pretty quick. I’ve had them just under a year and clocked around 500ks in them. The...
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    Polygon Siskui T8 vs Marin rift Zone 3 vs 2017 Scott Spark 740. Canberra riding.

    Hi all, I’ve been looking for my first duallie for a while now and think I might of narrowed it down to the Polygon T8 and the Marin rift zone 3.