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    Product Review New Cleanskin MTB range!

    I’ve got pretty poor night vision so I don’t think the unite 1000 would cut it for me. The duo 2200 seems the better option as it’s not priced too much more and comes with an external battery pack which has a very handy padded Velcro pouch.
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    Rotorburn strava

    Sorry I probably didn’t word that too well. I meant it along the lines that If your mates don’t have premium they can’t access theirs and their followers segment times so they won’t be that interested in competing with you. Most of the fun with segments is how you rank against those you are...
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    Rotorburn strava

    Agreed, and I’m sure they are expecting quite a bit of backlash. I personally think the fee is too high but in a few months time I might miss the features too much and just pay it. Might become one of my bday presents or something like that. ( no worse than socks and undies I guess). I’ve been...
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    Kids MTBs - jump from 20" to 24" ?

    Yes very true. The eldest has the seat post to max now which is a good fit but that won’t last more than a month I’d say. The youngest should make it to her 6th bday in November I think. I’m hoping longer for her as she’s a bit wilder so the smaller wheels limit her speed a bit.
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    Small form drink bottles for smaller frames

    Hi all, So I’ve got my wife a new bike which is her first dually and is a small frame and her drink bottle is a really tight fit. was wondering if anyone can suggest a good smaller formed drink bottle? Alternately if I could get a bottle cage that sits a few cm’s lower on the frame would also...
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    Kids MTBs - jump from 20" to 24" ?

    Im leaning towards a rigid for my 7yr old daughter over a hard tail as I think long term shell be better for the raw feel of hitting bumps. My two girls (7 and 5) are still on 16 inch pedal brakes. Felt a little guilty when I took them for a spin at Majura pines crazy crab and the youngest kept...
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    Best value ladies dual suspension MTB under $3000?

    Ended up going with the Giant trance 2 27.5 in a small frame and the wife loves it. She now has a better bike than me, although I plan to take it for a spin one day.
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    Best value ladies dual suspension MTB under $3000?

    Bringing this back to life. I postponed Xmas as Bday is April. Wife has been riding a hardtail medium 29er which is a little too big as she’s 168cm tall so I’ve been looking at the small Giant Trance 2 but not sure about the 29er or 27.5. I’m leaning towards the 27.5 TBH as I think it might give...
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    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    I was planning on buying the wife a new MTB for her upcoming birthday, but with all this uncertainty going on Im thinking it might be best if she just has my current bike and I get a new one instead.
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    ACT. Leaving bike rack on car when bike not being carried?

    Hi all, I notice a lot of people in Canberra leave their bike trailers on their cars when not transporting bikes. Is this legal in Canberra? I could of sworn I had read it’s not allowed but can’t seem to find anything on it.
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    MALF Newbie

    Id suggest checking out the trails behind the Zoo. They are quite fun with not too much climbing. Also for some basic skills practice have you seen the new nature park at Farrer? Theres some nice little jumps you can just roll over, some good berms, a mini pump track and a few logs and bridges...
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    This Giant sale looks sus in ACT.

    This Giant on Gumtree looks a bit sus. Especially since it’s been spray painted.
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    Knee Pads

    I wear These. Been using them for 2 years now and would feel naked without them.
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    Best value ladies dual suspension MTB under $3000?

    Given the chance that will definitely happen. She’s already checking out who of my riding buddy’s she’s got the edge over on a few Strava segments. It won’t be long before she’s hitting sub 30 mins on the ”Climb to water tank” segment at Stromlo.
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    Best value ladies dual suspension MTB under $3000?

    I really feel for both in that situation. My wife is really enjoying riding and she has a group of lady friends that started riding once a week at the start of Winter. I figured if she can get through winter in Canberra without chucking it in there’s a good chance she’ll stick with it. I don’t...
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    Best value ladies dual suspension MTB under $3000?

    I've been looking at Bike exchange and there’s a few Scott Contessa’s that seem ok but the Livs don’t seem to compare from a component point of view. Mind you I’ve not seen any at 40% off so I might keep an eye out.
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    Best value ladies dual suspension MTB under $3000?

    Haha, absolutely no chance of signing her up to shuttle but I’m happy to have her out on the bike. I managed to get her on Strava which she was very reluctant to start with but now she’s quite enthusiastic to see how fast she’s getting.
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    Best value ladies dual suspension MTB under $3000?

    So my wife has started to enjoy Mountain biking so I was thinking of getting her a decent bike for Xmas. From browsing online I don’t mind the Canyon WMNS Neuron AL 6.0 which is just under $2600 delivered. She obviously won’t be able to test it out being Canyon but I don’t think that will matter...
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    Bargain buys thread

    Make it $3329.10 if you go through eBay and use code “POPPER10” at checkout.!2600!AU!-1
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    2019 Specialized Levo review. Light novel (sorry, not sorry)

    I think they are a great idea to get people on the mountain or keep them riding. How does it impact the social aspect of riding? Climbing with a bunch of mates that don’t have an e-bike. And one last thing, what sort of time can you do climbing to the top of Stromlo and how many climbs could you...