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    Banshee Paradox V3

    Very swoopy! My affections are normally reserved for hardtails of steel but this looks pretty amazing. Very nice build too!
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    2019 Specialized Stumpy Evo

    The pinkbike article was brilliant, a total nerdgasim! Vital also did a really good review on the EVO too, with a lot of straight talk about the performance of the suspension. I don’t find bottoming out to be an issue as stated on pinkbike. But I have had to run some extra pressure to hold...
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    2019 Specialized Stumpy Evo

    Gidday Oddjob and Ultralord I sound like a total fan boy! The legal team need to be told to pull their head in. That shit may be the norm in the corporate world but it doesn’t have a place in our sport. They’re push bikes not life saving drugs or war planes! Specialized also have a long...
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    2019 Specialized Stumpy Evo

    I may have to politely disagree with you on this point. Yes, Specialized is a bit like Toyota. They are everywhere, and are often bought by people that don't really look any further. And yes, the legal team should be properly hung drawn and quartered! But the bikes and parts they make tend to...
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    2019 Specialized Stumpy Evo

    One photo is of stock bike and the other of the bejazzled bike!
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    What have I done? Advice needed for fork decision

    I had a good run with a cut up beer can. It works and after people see it they never ask you to help them with maintaining their bike!
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    2019 Specialized Stumpy Evo

    This is the first complete bike that I’ve bought in years. So the build pics are possibly the most boring on this site (though the forks are complete porn). Most of my bike building happens in short, rushed, disorganised sessions. Often after three beers and with two or more children hanging off...
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    2019 Specialized Stumpy Evo

    Specialized Stumpy EVO Frame -650B version in size S3 Rear shock - Fox Float DPX2 210x52.5 Front shock/fork - 160mm Cane Creek Helm Coil w/70-90kg spring Handlebars - Race Face SixC 800mm wide Stem - 50mm RF Turbine Headset - FSA Grips - Sensus Saddle - Specialized Phenom Seatpost - X Fusion...
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    NSW *******SOLD*******

    Yeah, the bike is sweet and all that.... But how awesome is your back yard! Party at Skywalker’s pad!
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    XC Nicolai Ion G13

    She’s come together a treat and I can’t wait to see her on the trails! (am I right calling her a her?) I vote for the orange, especially with the matchy matchy Honzo parts. I’m a bit jealous of your 10 speed set up, especially the saint kit. I think that I’ve spent more making a few old 10...
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    Nukeproof mega 275 vs 290

    I’m on a specialized stumpy evo with the small wheels. I think that the small wheels help add a little pop and play to such a long/slack bike. I’ll admit that I’m keen to try some big wheels on it. There’s plenty of clearance at the back and the bottom bracket sits lower then a lizards ball...
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    OneUp Dropper Post

    It’s a second hander. So I guess that the problem is mine! It’s not a big deal, just a bit annoying.
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    OneUp Dropper Post

    Has anyone had a problem with their one up post loosing pressure? My needs topping up every couple of weeks. It’s not a big deal but one of those jobs that’s too easy to keep putting off, so you ride around with a slow, saggy post until it finally drives you nuts and you fix it.
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    Why do some duelies cost more than motorbikes?

    Honda only do a few different off road bikes and they only do one size in each. Not to mention that the pie is only being divided among 5 or 6 brands rather then hundreds. Major updates only every 4 years. Economies of scale are a large factor. A crf250 is kind of the equivalent to a 3k Giant...
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    Pole Bikes

    If you want new age geo without the exotic price tag then check out the Stumpjumper EVO. For 5k it ticks a lot of boxes with a 490mm reach (650b version), long wheel base and sexy raw alloy finish. I’ve done double black DH, multi day XX race and all manner of trails on mine and I’m chuffed...
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    7sp DH V 10sp

    Larger gear spacing and a bigger gap between the wheel and the derailleur. I put a Box 7 speed set up on my single speed trail bike to make it a little more practical and quite enjoyed not having to double shift all the time. I’d vote for big range 8-9 speed over 13 speed as the next step in...
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    QLD Spank 27.5 Wheelset Brisbane

    Got any pics?
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    6-speed Honzo

    I’ve been running a Box 7 speed kit on my Chromag Stylus. The range isn’t big but after riding single speed it awesome! I’m keen to know more about the conversion from 11 to 6. If your derailer is limited to 6 gears does the shifter keep clicking after that? Is it annoying?
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    Gravey more than just tomato sauce as special ingredient, Rude a bit rich with his explanation.

    He could have been racing dirty but he was tested a bunch during the Olympics and DH and always came up clean. I don't think that the stuff he has now is a new or cutting edge so... I don't know, I'm not really trying to stick up for anyone, just making a point from the interview!
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    Gravey more than just tomato sauce as special ingredient, Rude a bit rich with his explanation.

    “ I think it's fair to say about myself that I'm at the twilight of my career, so to speak, so now would not be the time to start doing anything like that.” - JG from Pinkbike Graves makes a point. Why risk tarnishing his whole career now? He’s raced Olympic BMX, World Cup DH, all higher...