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    Mid-high level V brake levers

    Item: Seeking a mid to high level set of V brake levers e.g. old XTR, Paul's etc prefer not avid if possible Location: Bris/anywhere Price range/Willing to Pay: retro fair price, under $100
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    Crit race - is there a strategy

    I'm going to try crit racing in a few weeks, fitness is ok for C/d grade, just wondering if there's any strategy tips from peeps here. Most Zwift races have a few surges to break up the pack then usually a slugfest or sprint to the end, is there another way or is that how it mostly goes?
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    Fasting, who does it

    Anybody doing it, and if so how's it working out? I've been reading some pretty vague material on it and apart from the whole not eating part it seems a little too good to be true. Would be keen to hear any views on it, esp some critique as that seems pretty slim pickings. So if you do it...
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    Training Log Schred's FTP builder for better w/kg

    In honour of SJP's thread I have also started working on FTP a few weeks ago before being interrupted for a week, and now sick. Anyway it's the basic 12 week ftp builder that's offered as part of Zwift, and I'm in week 2. The reason why I'd like to increase FTP is to boost the numerator side of...
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    Other spirits

    A wee thread to roundup the other drinks besides whisky & rum (with their own threads) that burners are enjoying, however that may be. Mixed, on ice, neat, perhaps an intercontinental adaptation, what is it? Myself presently is some plain old cognac, neat.
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    Entry level race bike

    Seeking opinions from the RB brains trust, I'm thinking about racing and local race scene seems to be mainly weekly criteriums on what appears to be pretty uneventful oval tracks. What sort of a bike would cut the mustard? I don't have a road bike atm so was looking at some 2017 Di2/Disc/CF...
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    Why is the sold forum so busy

    It's regularly the most or 2nd most popular sub-forum, wtf? I presume they aren't real people viewing in there?
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    QLD SOLD 2015 Giant Trance Advanced 1 Medium

    Item: 2015 Giant Trance Advance 1 Medium sized (pls refer geo chart in link below) Location: Brisbane, can post, but buyer to arrange and pay postage Item Condition: VGC-PC, some minor scuffs from normal riding but overall has had little use. The most notable is a scratch on TT shown below...
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    A question for farkers

    Dear farkers, saw this pop up the other day. Problem: You have a bicycle, and your friend is holding it up so that it will not fall over, but he is not applying any pressure to it in any direction. You rotate the crank so that one of the crank arms is facing straight down, and then you tie...
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    QLD WTB Surly Big Dummy /Cargo bike / longtail

    Item: cargo bike / longtail / longbike E.g. Surly Big Dummy Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Good condition and better Reason for buying: Not sure tbh Price and price conditions: A new Yuba is a K or so, a Surly kitted up is 3K, I'm hoping for less Extra Info: Pls pm me if you have one...
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    HR getting high / Heart stress test

    When I'm riding on the trainer e.g. zwift race, my HR just keeps going up and up to around 185-190 and I hold it back a bit to avoid it going 190+, which I figure is sensible as using the old super accurate equation my max should be around 185. It's a bit disconcerting because zwift results...
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    QLD Race Face Next SL or SL G4 in 175mm

    Item: Race Face Next SL or SL G4 Location: Bris but happy to pay post Item Condition: VGC->Mint Reason for buying: Want Price and price conditions: Dependent on condition & chainrings etc Extra Info: 175mm please, chainrings optional but a 34t would be sweet b]Pictures:[/b] like this
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    Boost rear hub spacing and drivers

    Is the only difference between hub flanges? Reason is I'm looking at a different driver for a boost giant/dt rear hub and there's no differentiation between boost and non boost drivers. Sound about right?
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    QLD Sold

    Withdrawn from sale, thanks for the interest.
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    What's in your fridge - Xmas beverages

    With a few days to go what's in your fridge - a cleansing ale, some french bubbles or a holy spirit? I usually lean towards the coopers sparkling for xmas beers on xmas day if not driving.
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    Carbon bar flex - what's normal

    Doing full sik wheelies in the driveway last night I noticed the bar flexing a bit. I put a string on it and just sitting there I can visibly flex the bar: ends towards each other, or up or down, by ~0.5cm in any direction, or combo ~1cm fore/aft, up & down. It's this one...
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    Bike for the other half - upgrade idea

    Have been thinking about upgrading the wife's bike, and dreaming about new wheels for myself. Had a brain wave that I possibly convert my current bike for her. She has an older Anthem X 29er, and oddly it's quite similar in all effective rider cockpit dimensions to my Trance, the TT is the...
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    What is the cost of a carbon mtb frame?

    Anyone know? I'm thinking based on a duallie. e.g. Molds + production & other costs for say a 2yr run / volumes to be sold. What's a ballpark figure?
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    QLD OD2 stem 50 or 60mm

    Item: OD2 stem Location: Bris but will pay post Item Condition: As new / mint Reason for buying: Need shorter than 70mm for wifes bike & refuse to pay big $$ locally for a giant stem Price and price conditions: whatchagot - can also trade the 70mm (incl shim) if it helps you Extra Info...
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    Fixing up council owned jumps

    There's a council owned 4 pack I visit occasionally (part of a bmx facilities thing), from what I can tell/have observerd zero maintenance goes into them, kids ride up them on skateboards, rain fcks them, so now only 2 of the 4 are worth anything, but overall rhythm is fcked. What's the go...