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  1. jaseh

    New ride time, BH Ultimate.

    My latest bike build which came about after my highball frame decided to break. BH Ultimate frame Fox factory ctd forks XT drivetrain (E13 ex 42t cog and one up 16t to go on when single ring arrives) XTR cranks with stages power meter (WTC 34T front ring coming) Wheels, X0 hubs DT Swiss...
  2. jaseh

    Is there a Saturday morning road ride in Wollongong???

    Hey all, I'm heading to Wollongong for the weekend and was looking for a road ride to join on Saturday morning. I have checked and it only has rides down south of the city. I'll be staying up at Fairy Meadow so looking for something that will be easy to get to by bike from...
  3. jaseh

    XC BMC FourStroke 02

    I've been building this up over the last couple of months. I got the frame NOS for a steal from a shop in Melbourne, rest of the bits came from local and O/S shops. Front end is a bit flexy but will convert to a 15mm fork and change the bars, stem and pedals when funds permit. Other than that it...
  4. jaseh


    Item: XT Groupset Location: Singleton Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgraded to 10sp Price and price conditions:$550 plus post Extra Info:Complete 9sp 770 group. Includes, 175mm cranks, 22/32/42. Raceface BB about 150km on it. 160mm centrelock XT brakeset with disco brakes pads...
  5. jaseh

    NSW XT brakeset.SOLD.

    Item: XT brakeset Location: Singleton Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Not required Price and price conditions: $180 inc post Extra Info: Older model XT's, work great. Pads in good condition, metallic shimano ones at both ends. Comes with all mounting hardware, post mount front (no...
  6. jaseh

    NSW 08 Fox F32 RL Sold.

    Item: Fox F32 RL 100mm 9mm quick release axle Location: Singleton Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Not required Price and price conditions: $250 inc post Extra Info: Regularly serviced, last done about 4 months ago. New enduro seals fitted at same time. 1-1/8th steerer. Steerer is cut...
  7. jaseh

    NSW sold

    No longer for sale
  8. jaseh

    Time for a new GPS. Garmin or Bryton?

    Hey all, It's time to get a new GPS after my Mainnav bit the dust after one too many rides in the rain. I've been looking into the new Garmin Edge 200, Edge 500 and the Bryton rider 20 or 30. What I want to know is, is there anyone out there that has used the Edge 200 or either of the Bryton...
  9. jaseh

    Bike console iPhone/Android phone mount. Anyone use one?

    While searching for a bike mount for my HTC Desire S I came across these, Anyone out there using one? The mount and enclosure look so much better than those cheap ass bits of crap on ebay. Just looking for a bit of feedback before throwing some coin at...
  10. jaseh

    NSW All sold

    Item: FSA XC281 rizer bars Location: Singleton Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Don't need Price and price conditions: $15 posted Extra Info: 31.8mm, cut down to about 640mm, about 25mm rise Pictures: Below Item: Kalloy 31.8x400mm post Location: Singleton Item Condition: Used Reason for...
  11. jaseh

    NSW Jamis Dakar XCR Expert 17in frame.SOLD.

    Item: 2008 Jamis Dakar XCR Expert frame Location: Singleton NSW, will post at buyer expense Item Condition: Used. Has got frame wrap on the drive side chain/seat stay, has got cable rub and a scratch on the top tube from the brake lever. Also has some stone chips on the seatstay bridge and the...
  12. jaseh

    Anyone ridden through the Wollemi NP

    Anyone done it? north to south, from Widden to Bogee/Glen Alice more specifically. Interested in this as I can end up at my parents place at Bogee and the start point is on the bylong valley way which is the main road over. This would make it easy for drop off and pick up at both ends. from...
  13. jaseh


    Item: Belleli rear mount child seat Location: Singleton Item Condition: Used 5-10 times. Reason for selling: Not needed kids all grown up and riding now. Price and price conditions: $50 Probably not worth posting due to size. Pick up. Extra Info:Bellelli set tube mount style. excellent...
  14. jaseh

    Singleton MTB Track (XC)

    Last part of the track, I call it the Cows Bowels but there is no official name for this section. First video I've bothered to do anything with. Shot with a cheap camshot camera from 1 day sale, mounted to the side of the headtube, too much movement...
  15. jaseh

    mi última adición de salsa moto rapido

    Picked this up this week for a steal. Mid 00's Scandium/Carbon frame, Had an 07 XT group with 819's on XT hubs, F32 RLC, Thomson post and stem, FSA bars, King headset. Just finished swapping over to my 08 XT groupset, 09 XT wheels and changed the rear tyre from a crossmark to a Intense system...
  16. jaseh

    WTB- Medium Hardtail XC bike found

    Item: Mediun HT XC bike. 17-19in frame with about a 580mm TT Location: I'm in Singleton, it can be anywhere. Item Condition: Working. Price and price conditions: Up to $850 Extra Info: Must be for XC, no more than 100mm travel, disc or V brakes. Can be old but not flogged.
  17. jaseh

    NSW Jamis Dakar XC Comp 17in sold

    Item: 05 Jamis Dakar XC comp frame Location: Singleton. Will post at buyers expense. Item Condition: Used.I sold this bike new at the end of 2007 when I had my shop to a good mate so has had 3 years of riding. Shock holds air no worries. No play in pivots. has got the usual marks on it from...
  18. jaseh

    NSW sold 2005 Jamis Dakar XC Comp 20th anniversary model

    Item: 05 Jamis Dakar XC comp Location: Singleton. Will post at buyers expense. Item Condition: Used.I sold this bike new at the end of 2007 when I had my shop to a good mate so has had 3 years of riding. Parts have been replaced as needed but it is still a bike that has been ridden every...
  19. jaseh

    Speedplay pedals

    Just pick up a new roadie and it came with a set of speedplay pedals. What are peoples thoughts on these? They feel pretty good once 90% of the float is taken out of them but how are they for durability? With the retention mech on the bottom of the shoe I'm worried about walking on it and...
  20. jaseh

    NSW (WTB) Road bike 54-56cm

    Item: Road bike Location: Don't matter if the price is right including freight Price range/Willing to Pay : Up to $1500 inc freight Extra Info: Needs to have about a 55cm top tube.