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    NSW sold please delete

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    sold please delete

    sold 10 characters
  3. Roly

    Angle Testing

    i built a homemade gopro frame mount, turns out it works pretty well.
  4. Roly

    Oxford 21/5

    Credits to Hugh O'brien for following me around the bush, catering to my every photographic whim. what a good man. Contact:
  5. Roly

    "How To" Forum

    Ok first off, i am by no means an excellent rider. Sure, i can bomb a hill fast enough (a 21kg bike takes care of that), but beyond actually riding my bike i consider myself a useless noob. Hence, i propose a "How To" forum. This could cover riding in all disciplines, but also HOME MAINTENANCE...
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    NSW sold please delete

    sold please delete
  7. Roly

    Converting rigid to front suspension?

    Basically down the line i will want a short travel DJ fork for my rigid HT, which currently has a AlexDP23 rim laced to a hub with a bolt-on axle (i know, shithouse wheelset but im not here for any quality banter). I thought it was just a matter of throwing some forks on and riding away, but...
  8. Roly

    Terrey Hills?

    Just wondering the current state of the track? Haven't been in a couple of years and it'd be nice to save petrol if its ratshit... anyone ridden it recently?
  9. Roly

    NSW WTB pressure suit - Sydney

    Item: Pressure suit of some description (SHORT SLEEVE PREFERABLE) Location: Sydney - local only Item Condition: used - good. must have perfect working order, couldn't care less about scratches and whatnot though (however obviously i will not want a torn up piece of shit) Price and price...
  10. Roly

    Phone saturation

    Shot this with my phone out at oxford the other weekend, then mucked around on acorn. I thought it turned out surprisingly cool for a mobile phone shot!!
  11. Roly

    Rigid rebuild suppliers?

    Just wondering the best place for cheap parts to rebuild a very old rigid mountain bike? I'm probably looking at needing a wheelset, brakes, i think pretty much the whole drivetrain as well. any ideas for me?
  12. Roly

    Norfin baby! (longboarding joy)

    Ok so i don't know how many other longboarders are online here but those that are will feel my exhilaration! I can't afford a car, so skating beats public transport for me to get to and from work and uni. After a de-lam on my (now deceased) Rayne Hustler i've splurged on a new Norfin - a...
  13. Roly

    Spring Weights

    I'm riding on a Marzocchi Roco TST at the moment, doing a bit of everything (jumps, drops, downhill and even a bit of XC[i say xc, i mean stuff like manly dam]). There is a 550lb spring on it right now and I think thats about right (with an appropriate shock setup) but i cant find a spring...
  14. Roly

    NSW SOLD please delete

    Item: Specialized P.2 Cromo 2008 (colour orange [not the singlespeed {purple} version]) Location: Sydney (North Shore) - I WILL NOT be sending interstate, international, intergalactic... whatever, it isn't happening. For this reason pick-up is preferable Item Condition: Stock and absolutely...
  15. Roly

    What has MTB done for you?

    This is a thread to share and inspire.... Essentially, It would be really cool to interesting to hear how mountain biking has actually contributed to people's lives. This doesn't necessarily have to be positive.. MTB could have cost you thousands of dollars (injury, maintenance, gear) that...
  16. Roly

    Photoshop fun

    hi all just an accumulation of honestly some pretty shitty pics that i had some fun photoshopping. strictly speaking not all riding, but i made a sequence of some ski stuff of me overseas recently which i thought was fair rad. shitty quality of ski pics due to a) being taken from video and...
  17. Roly

    How to Bunny-Hop to Fakie

    Can anyone give me advice on how to bunny-hop to fakie? I am relatively sure i have the bunnyhop height to do it (about 1.5-2 feet) but I don't know how to go the 180 degrees - there was an article in AMB ages ago (from Naz i believe) but thats been long since and was also relatively...
  18. Roly

    08 Interschools - MTNX or DS?

    Hey is the Interschools racing MTNX or Dual Slalom this year? haha i know its a bit late to be still deciding so someone must know... ive heard mixed things from a wide variety of sources - some say MTNX some say DS. The RawNRG website isn't really helpful so can anyone tell me? Cheers Roly...
  19. Roly

    P.2 cromo

    Got it a couple of days ago - I am stoked about everything to do with this bike... Right now the only upgrade i would consider would be some better pedals, but only when the current ones break. Marzocchi DJ Avid cable Brakes Sram drivetrain Truvativ cockpit Specialized/alex rims some...
  20. Roly


    Item: 2006/7 Ironhorse Yakuza Ojiki (Orange - 17") Item Condition: Superb - Bought November 07 and ridden very little Reason for Selling: want a street HT Location: North Shore, Sydney Price and Price Conditions: $1300 neg. - feel free to offer somewhere around that mark Extra Info: This...