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  1. DMan

    Can I cut off my battery box USB cable?

    I've bought this battery box to try with my bicycle light. I don't want the USB plug so I can I just cut it off without affecting the box?
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    Just sucks really.
  3. DMan

    QLD ZTR Crest 29er wheelset $150-- $100

    Item: 15×100 12×142. Shimano hubs. Rear hub has some bearing wear. Both wheels are straight with no dents though. 21.5mm internal. 180mm rotors. Shimano free hub Location: SE QLD Condition: Good Price: $150-100 Reason: All boost now baby Pics: Yes Maam
  4. DMan

    QLD Elite Qubo trainer $200-- $150--$125

    Item: Elite Qubo Elastogel trainer Location: SE QLD Condition: Great Price: $200-- $150--$125 plus freight. Sendle is about $28 Extra: Comes with Misuro b sensor, ANT dongle and USB extension cable. Sensor seems a touch sensitive. Working at the moment Photos: Yes please.
  5. DMan

    Ayups users please.

    At only 700 lumen do they throw enough light if you're running a head and bar unit? Looking for Ayup users opinions
  6. DMan

    Fucking Zwift

    We're having no end of issues with sensors dropping out on Zwift. Presently the setup is an Elite trainer with the Misuro B+ sensor and it was going fine until our free trial ran out and we took out a prescription. Now the sensor is "connected" but has "No Signal" on Zwift. Neither on Companion...
  7. DMan


    Anyone else doing it this week? Always keen to meet some fellow burners.
  8. DMan


    Thoughts from the brain trust. I have an issue with cramping well before I'm "tired". Isn't normally a problem on rides less than 30km which are the majority of my mtb ride lengths. Mainly over longer events such as 4hrs etc. So due to the upcoming Port to Port I've been clocking up longer kms...
  9. DMan

    Rotational weight over long distance riding

    Got some back to back days riding coming up soon and I'm pondering tyre choice. How important do you think it becomes to look at tyre weights over long distance riding? Would a 200-400G weight saving across the 2 tyres make a big difference to how much energy you use over a 4 day riding event...
  10. DMan

    2.35/2.4 tyres to fit a 32mm internal rim?

    I've bought a set of new wheels that are 32mm internal. I want to run a set of 2.4 tyres. Pretty much everything I've read says a 2.4 should be ok. I need some decent sidewall protection as the majority of our riding is rocky, loose hardpack. I but don't want really heavy tyres as I climb lots...
  11. DMan

    Rim ID for a 120mm 29er duallie

    I've sold the Reign and would like to look at a wider wheelset for the Spark that presently runs 23mm ID rims. They are just a bit flexy for me. I'll keep them for a backup set. Is 30mm Overkill for a 2.3 tyre? Maxxis say so anyway.... Or should I look at about 25-27mm? I'm only looking alloy...
  12. DMan

    Back up 29er wheelset

    I need a back up wheelset for my wife and I as we both run boost now. I'm not looking for anything expensive, just something to get us out of trouble if we are doing long events, etc. Like the upcoming Port to Port. I've seen this on Cycling deal and it seems pretty good to me if I can set it up...
  13. DMan

    Novatec 5Pawl 12X148 hubs

    I can't find much info on them. Anyone running one and can tell me how they go? I'm looking at a cheap wheelset for a backup and they run these hubs.
  14. DMan

    GX 11sp jockey wheels

    I need a new set. I've looked on flea bay and they list them as 11t but I swear I'm counting 12t on mine. Can someone link me to some cheap ones as they're only for a part time hardtail.
  15. DMan

    ANT+/Bluetooth HR monitor

    Item: As above. Looking for something to try with a new bike computer. Thought maybe someone might have one that they don't use now that you can get HR watches Location: Post to QLD Condition: Good. Working obviously. A smaller size too maybe Price: Less than $50 posted Pics: Please.
  16. DMan

    24Hr racing advice

    My wife is doing her first 24hr in 3 weeks. I'm her pit crew. Anyone advice for me as her pitcrew from burners that have been support crew for any 24hr riders? I'm thinking that don't take anything she says to me after 14hrs personally could be one......
  17. DMan

    QLD 11sp derailleur for 1X setup

    Item: Shimano or Sram as either can run with each other in 11sp. SLX or XT or GX or better. Location: Post to SE QLD Price: A reasonable price. Not more than I can buy a new one for obviously :rolleyes:' Reason: For my daughter's upgrade plans... Condition: Good, not rooted. Pics: If you have...
  18. DMan

    CB Candy 7 pedals question??

    I'm having no luck googling so I'm asking here. Does anyone know if when they introduced the Candy 7 with traction pads they also upgraded to the Enduro bearing at the same time?
  19. DMan

    Hiddenvale QLD 24/ 4HR

    Any Brisbane based peeps doing this? We did the 4hr last year and my wife is doing a 24hr solo this year, so was wondering if any riders from here are going? P.S I'm only doing a 4hr though...
  20. DMan

    Sold GX DUB 32T 170mm Crankset $150 posted

    Item: 2019 GX DUB 32T 170mm crankset Location: SE QLD Condition: Excellent Reason: Went 165mm Price: $170-- $150 posted Pics: Yep Extra: 2 very small rub marks and a slight scratch. Has done about 100km before they were swapped out for the 165s...