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    Iron Horse DH at Cash converters Woden

    Hi all Noticed a IronHorse at Cash converters in Woden ACT today Sorry I didnt get to many details due to kid but did snap a quick photo
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    XT or XTR derailleur?

    Hi Guys Looking at up grading the driveline on my XC bike. I have XT rear on it now with XT rapidfire shifters is there any other advantage in going to XTR rear except for the 50g weight saving? Cheers Stu
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    STOLEN Stolen from Smiths Cycles Fyshwick

    Morning all Some low lives broke into Smith Cycles in Fyshwick ACT last night. They stole 4 bikes which are listed below 1 x 2009 Marin wolf ridge black medium size 1 x 2010 Marin mount vision black silver medium size 1 x 2010 Verde BMX radia chrome 1 x 2010 Stolen BMX Gloss black...
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    XC trail near or in Crookwell?

    Hi all Looks like work might be sending me to Crookwell next week for work & was wondering wether there were any good XC trails around? Stu
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    Reba Race

    Hi guys Fairly new to this so some help would be appreciated. Purchased new 2009 Reba Race I set the according to my weight 82kg about 130psi air pressure & I was bottoming out the fork went for another ride today & took my pump with me & tried 140 psi & 150psi & im still bottoming out the...
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    Found at Stromlo today

    Hi all I found a couple of bike bits this afternoon whilst riding around Stromlo so if you have lost a couple of things today send me a pm. Stu
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    Sore Kidneys

    Did a lap of Stromlo this morning & on any of the rough fast down hill parts my kidney were very sore. Once I got onto the flatter or smoother part I was fine. This has happened the last couple of times ive been out. Does anyone out there wear a kidney belt for XC ? Or am I just being...
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    Found Ipod

    I found a Ipod on my morning ride on the Duffy end of Hindmarsh drive. If you lost one this moring contact me with some details about it & you can have it back Stu