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    Forbidden Dreadnought

    Very nice rig, would love to have a look in person. Definitely one I have been eyeing off, some reviews say it climbs like a tank so I have been holding off.
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    2020 Norco Optic C1

    Had my Optic C3 for about 2 months of nothing rides and it was creaking, it was the lower pivot just above the bb, pulled the pivot bolt and cleaned regreased and it is all fixed. Enduro bearings throughout the frame but the bearing felt pretty shitty, I picked the seals and slammed some more...
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    2020 Norco Optic C1

    2 mates and myself run Hopes (2x e4 and I run v4) and also find them to be slightly squealy in most conditions and worse at slower speeds, I've tried several different pads, bleeding, caliper alignment, piston inspection etc to no avail so I will be interested to hear how you go.
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    AM Banshee Prime V3

    If you ever sell the frame hit me up, just rebuilt my mega so sticking with it for a while. How good does the H3C look, I just got mine Friday I really like the silver.
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    AM Banshee Prime V3

    Have you had much of a ride on it yet? Thinking about one to replace my 2019 Nukeproof Mega in XL also.
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    AM The New Foxy29

    Nukeproof Mega sorry I got frame only and it was over 1k more for a foxy 29 xr (alloy) which I couldn't justify. I deal with offthebrakes they are legends.
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    AM The New Foxy29

    Very nice bike. I almost went a foxy 29 over my Mega but the cost I couldn't justify at the time.
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    Banshee Spitfire

    Hey mate great build. Where did you buy the seat post and if you don't mind me asking how much was it?
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    AM Evil Insurgent

    Great write up. Also debonair air shaft is so good even in a pike. Thank's for measuring the dropper was stuck between it and the brand x 170mm (currently running a 150mm brand x).
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    AM Evil Insurgent

    Does your 170mm one up measure 170mm of full travel? Alot of reviews say the 170mm travel only measures at 150mm. Nice ride mate
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    5010 V2

    How do you find the bikeyoke revive? Need a taller dropper than the 150s I run.
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    Ibis Ripmo

    I should check these threads more often but congrats to the buyer of the frame. Good luck with the 5010 build.
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    Ibis Ripmo

    Very nice. I'd like to check out it in person one day at the youies. One of the bikes I will look at when the time comes for a new frame/build
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    Another heavy aluminium bike...

    So where do you buy the Geometron bikes? Mojo? Nice ride and eagerly awaiting the ride report!!
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    2017 Commencal MetaV4.2 Fox Edition

    I wish I hadn't just bought a new Nukeproof Mega some times these look amazing. Nice bike mate.
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    $pecialized Enduro 6fattie

    Looks good, makes me want an enduro with a 27.5+ setup.
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    Finally my new Reign

    The black pinstriping you have done looks fantastic mate well done. These are such a good bike, so you think you will do anything more? I upgraded the brakes on mine which i felt needed it ( I am heavy so bikes don't slow down as well haha)
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    AM 2015 Reign Advanced 1 with upgrades

    Thank's for the reply, I ended up going for zee brakes to keep the ispecb. I'm not fit enough for 1x yet so it was going to be 2x shifters or the problem solvers. Really happy with the zee brakes though. Great bike's to ride
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    AM 2015 Reign Advanced 1 with upgrades

    Hey mate i have picked myself up one of these also, love it but the brakes need an upgrade i think. I want to get some guide rs-rsc as you have, are you still running the slx shifters? If so did you buy some problem solvers to run the matchmaker?
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    26" QR forks found

    I have some fox32 120rl in white. 20mm more travel than you want but thought I would offer anyway.