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  1. gcouyant

    VIC Yarra Trails - Candlebark Park (Hans)

    Hi Guys, A few here will already be aware of recent initiatives by Parks Vic to embrace community involvement in managing and maintain Parks assets. Over the years a good deal of unauthorised and illegal trail had been created along the yarra corridor with MTB being the primary activity...
  2. gcouyant

    ISI Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Two New Positions Open - Come and work with us

    Demand for product has been brutal and I'd like to invite enthusiastic people who are into cycling and adventure travel to join the team here at ISI. We have two new positions to fill. Production technician who operates metal working equipment and has a good eye for detail. Plenty to do and a...
  3. gcouyant

    Fat Bike Carrier

    It's pleasing to see the popularity of fat bikes increasing because they are a fantastic bike to get out and have a ball wherever you are and over just about any sort of terrain. We have been using Fat Bikes for years to explore remote areas around Australia where conventional bicycles are...
  4. gcouyant

    VIC Positions Vacant at ISI Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Melbourne

    Business has been very kind to us but we just can't keep up with demand for our bicycle carriers. It's time to grow again.... We at ISI manufacture the world's strongest, zero hassle bicycle carriers that are the most gentle on a bicycle and have three positions available and these are...
  5. gcouyant

    Financial Support of Rotorburn

    Scott asked me for financial support for the Rotorburn forum back in April and since then I've been trying regularly but not getting any responses at all. Briefly, I've followed the instructions on Emailed Scott at and also used the...