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    Tyre Chat because we all love Black Rubber Goods

    Seriously though as a newb the tyre thing is epically confusing. I’ll need to buy a new rear in about 200km more of riding - so 750km of hard pack dirt, gravel and concrete/tar (the latter being my most travelled on surface) and the factory fitted Merida specific Kenda will be bald. That...
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    Shimano Brake Fittings Leaking

    Backstory: Brand new Merida Crossway with basic Shimano hydraulic calipers. Leaking oil from the hose fitting at the threads. To my thinking this indicates the olive or insert (been reading si.shimano tech docs) isn’t seated well. The nut is tight but that means nothing if cross threaded or...
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    MALF Newbie

    Managed to lurk here for a bit then randomly posted this morning so figured a post in the Newbie Central was warranted. There’s a few familiar names and folks from other forums I use here so I’m sure some will join the dots and think “damn that wanker’s everywhere, is he following me?” :) Back...