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  1. jeffandal

    WS 4hr Alternative road ride. Blue Mountains NSW On Sunday, assuming weather is semi respectable, plan on doing the ride in the link above. Any more info you can contact me on 0406084530 Thanks Jeff.
  2. jeffandal

    Summer Track Racing. Sydney

    Can anyone tell me who has a summer track programme? All the club websites seem to be way out of date at the moment. Cheers.
  3. jeffandal

    Seeking ST in Canberra

    A call to those who abode in Pornberra, Am heading down there for the next week and hoping to get in maximum riding I can sneak in. The question is; Other than Stromlo, Sparrow, Majura and Kowen (?tracks still in comission?) Where else can I ride? Is there any tracks left at the...
  4. jeffandal

    Meccano Set

    Due to on OTB, though nothing too spectacular, riding now shall be just a memory for a time.........
  5. jeffandal

    '06 DH Comp Med

  6. jeffandal

    End red hill

    My dog on doubles @ redhill