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    Crash Pics Thread

    Bummer. Is that grade 2? I recommend waiting AS LONG AS POSSIBLE before riding again. Ligaments are a bitch. My AC separation (bad grade 3, surgery) needed nearly 9 months before I was back at 100%. However, it has healed better than my broken collarbone. Chin ups are possible again!
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    World cup team changes rumor thread

    So has anyone figured out what's happening to Max Warshawsky?
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    Cracked ribs, approx recovery time.

    Didn't read thread but: I was highly invested in a DH trip in Canada when I cracked mine (Ferny opening weekend). Cracked said ribs first day, did one run after doing so while I was still pumped on adrenaline. Then because I was so financially invested in the weekend I took heaps of drugs...
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    2009 Cove Handjob buildup (ex-Big Dan frame)

    Ooooh, nice! But my question is: still got the old fork surplus?
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    Dodgy Trek ad: Trek 19.5" Fuel EX 29er

    Looks well dodgy to me: Potentially robbed from a retailer?
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    Kona Explosif Competitors?

    The 2016 piglet is a decent enough competitor. No single speed compatibility but it checks all the other boxes at a reasonable price point: Is there really no brand retailed in Australia that has...
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    Cheapest way to track distance / time / heart-rate?

    I've never before looked at the world of Strava or Garmin, etc. I want to take racing a bit more seriously next year and the best way to do this is to start measuring my progress with respect to speed. I can't get Strava via my phone (company blackberry only) so that aside, what's the cheapest...
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    Kona Explosif Competitors?

    Yeah you can, but its far less of a pain in the ass to buy complete.
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    Kona Explosif Competitors?

    Hi all, My XC rig is a dying dinosaur. I'm going to put a bullet in it soon. When I do, I want to replace it with a short travel aggressive hardtail. My requirements: - thru axles fr/rr - 650b - 68deg or less head angle - steep seat angle - 80mm - 120mm fork - single speed compatible...
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    QLD Wanted: 425lb ti spring 3" + Green 40s spring

    Haven't heard back from you Rowan? Still on the hunt.
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    QLD Wanted: 425lb ti spring 3" + Green 40s spring

    Still on the prowl.
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    QLD Wanted: 425lb ti spring 3" + Green 40s spring

    Still on the hunt.
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    2016 Specialized Demo

    I somewhat agree but its a case-by-case basis. I'm just about onto my second hand counting frames I've broken and the best service I've personally ever had was from Polygon. New frame within the week with the failure issue clearly amended. That said, Specialized are very good (bikeshop I used...
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    Rigid Frame for DH - indulge my fantasy

    This is the camp I'm in, although personally I'd probably only put 120mm/130mm on the front of a hardtail. I'd suggest something like a Kona Explosif and aim to throw a lowered Pike on in due course. My housemate in Canada rode some pretty insane things on his, enough to make me say it'd be...
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    Bike Storage Solutions

    Awesome. Bunnings o'clock.
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    Bike Storage Solutions

    I keep 4 bikes in my room due to my current living situation. At the moment they basically sit on a bit of cardboard all leaning up on each other against my bed. Big pain in the ass to pick out a particular bike for skids. Can anyone recommend a storage solution that isn't too costly which...
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    More bikes and a project

    Only been back riding for a few weeks now (blew my shoulder snowboarding before I left) so most of my XC has been Gap Creek and I've ridden DH every weekend at different places. First ride back was Kenilworth so I raced (first time since 09) and that was a blast. I also rode Joyce which has...
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    More bikes and a project

    After breaking the frame in Whistler and getting the warranty frame (above) the linkage hara-kiri'd on the next ride. Had some other issues to (note the Glory axle rather than SC axle in the back) so after buying a new linkage and other parts for it to get it back to new I left it in Canada...
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    More bikes and a project

    Moved back to Brisbane, bought old Sunday back, bought another Banshee, sold Sunday. Such is life. Other new bikes too.