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  1. nexusfish

    Recommendation for yt capra 29 spring weight

    I the title. Im 90kg and maybe 94/5kg with gear depending on how full my camel back is. Any one else got a coil on one?
  2. nexusfish

    TAS Race face Next R carbon cranks 170mm

    Item:Race face Next R carbon cranks 170mm reason for sale: Came on a new bike i bought. I pedal like a feind so these wont last long as im the crank strike king. Condition: good used. Has a reasonable scratch as you can see in the pics. Location': Hobart. Price $270 Extra info: happy to post...
  3. nexusfish

    WTB Broken or functioning m8000 brake lever.

    Item: m8000 brake lever. Price: lets talk Condtions: any condition. Just needs the little plastic pushrodr guide near the piston to not be cracked. Extra info: NO Location: Hobart, but post?
  4. nexusfish

    Setting sag. Measure off shock or rear axle?

    G'day guys, have been playing around with a new bike that has an extremely progressive leverage ratio (YT Capra). Just got to thinking that I never measures sag on the shock on my dirt bike, but we all do it on mtbs. I've found 3% sag difference on the Capra results in a lot of actual sag...
  5. nexusfish

    TAS 2021 Reverb C1 Stealth 200mm 31.6 price drop $400!

    Item: see title Condition: brand new never used. Won at the last round of the gravity enduro series in TAS. Reason for sale: already have rad fox dropper Price $400 Pics: can't upload from my phone, but here is the link if you want pics pm me a phone number...
  6. nexusfish

    Fancy coil shocks for Capra. Kitsuma vs ohlins vs Fox

    G'day guys. Just looking for general opinions on these three fancy shocks in coil. It going on a YT Capra 29. Done a heap of reading and I'm leaning toward the Ohlins as reviews seem to indicate it is simple to set up and just works in any conditions. But the same can be said for the others if...
  7. nexusfish

    TAS Whole bike sold!!

    Item: Busting up this bike Giant Reign XO Price: Send me offer for what you see. Condition: good for its age. Brakes: front id still good, but back is a bit squish. forks are great (straight steerer 26inch!!) Frame is bombproof, but shock needs a service. Wheels are stans flow 26, rear has a...
  8. nexusfish

    TAS Fox DPX2 230mm x 60 to 65mm price drop

    Item: Fox DPX2 230mm x 60-65mm Price: $300. Neg Condition: Good. Came on bike with little use. Reason for sale: Broke frame so now its parts selling time to fund more unnecessary bike parts for new bike. Extra info: Will swap for a good coil setup? like an Fox X2 or an Ohlins. Plus cash your way...
  9. nexusfish

    Sold Manitou Dorado 27.5/29 sold!

    Item: Manitou Dorado 27.5/29. 200mm/180mm Price: $750. Can ship at your expense. Condition: Good. Had full service about 1 month ago. Reason for sale: Broke frame so now its parts selling time to fund more unnecessary bike parts for new bike. Extra info: Fucking sick. Had these on my nukeproof...
  10. nexusfish

    TAS Sold!

    Item: Fox X2 Air 200mm x 57mm with tricky needle roller hardware. Price: $400. Can ship at your expense. Condition: Had full service about 3 months ago and saw about 2 rides a week. Reason for sale: Broke frame so now its parts selling time to fund more unnecessary bike parts for new bike. extra...
  11. nexusfish

    Squeezing boost onto non boost frame

    G'day guys, I've trashed another rear wheel and non boost wheels are getting difficult to get quickly. With an important race coming up in 2 weeks, I'm looking at a boost wheelset. My bike is a Nukeproof Mega 290. Anyone see any problems with squeezing a boost hub in it? I chucked in a mates and...
  12. nexusfish

    142x 12 rear hub

    Item: non boost hub Condition: good, don't mind if it's used, just working well Price: let's chat Extra info: need it expressed posted! I'm desperado!
  13. nexusfish

    Old standard DH 20mm front hub

    Item: 20mm front hub. Old DH standard. Price: let's chat. Extra info: I'm doing a ghetto Dorado mod for my enduro bike and modern boost hubs have the disc mounting bed too far out. Old DH is 110mm axle, but without the moved disc mounting. Go through the old parts bin!
  14. nexusfish

    TAS Sold !

    Item: 29ee Dvo Diamond non boost forks. Condition: Good condition. A year of riding under me, but regularly serviced and new seals put in 4months ago. There is a mark on the stanchion, but it was a soft material rub so it is totally superficial. Extra info: comes with spare damper bladder...
  15. nexusfish

    TAS Marzocchi (Fox) Transfer 30.9 125mm dropper external routed 31.6 shim

    Item: Marzocchi (Fox) Transfer 30.9 125mm dropper Condition: very good. Bought to rebirth my old Reign for enduro racing, but canned the project and bought a bike that not shit. (by modern standards) Info: 30.9 dia, i have a shim for 31.6 i can chuck in for another $10. 125mm drop. Price: $220...
  16. nexusfish

    TAS Stuff. New hope hub, chain ring, pedals, carbon bars, shin destroying pedals

    Few odds and ends. All postable if you are happy to cover it. Message me and lets talk! Items: Hope pro2 front hub 15 by 100mm (non Boost) Price: $50 plus postage Condition: new Description: Silver hub as new even comes with a neat hope sticker Reason for sale: cash! Items: Thomson carbon...
  17. nexusfish

    Box 9 E-mtb groupset

    Gday Folks, I was thinking about picking up one of those 9speed groupsets form box. It will be going on my enduro bike which spends a lot of time in wet conditions. Does anyone know if the teeth and chain are wider than the 11 speed stuff? If its built like the old 9 speed stuff, im keen as...
  18. nexusfish

    Best way to increase trail. Reduce fork offset or reduce head angle.

    Gday, after owing a 2016 Nukeproof mega 290 for a few months now, I think im finally on top of the bike and ive notices a quirk im trying to tune out. In the sort of tight corners you really want to weight the front and just rail through, i notice the front wants to "tuck" or it seems like it...
  19. nexusfish

    TAS Swap DVO topaz 200 x 51/57 for coil shock

    Item: DVO Topaz 200 x 51/57 air shock Condition: Great. Been re-bled with raceline shock oil (the best). Will put a new air can seal kit on it and some new du bushes upon swap/sale. Reason for swap: Bought one for a older bike i deiced to get going, then canned the project and bought a new...
  20. nexusfish

    Bearing loose in carbon fiber suspension linkage!

    Gday Guys, I have had a bearing come loose in a suspension rocker (bearing that attaches the rocker to the rear triangle in the pic). Any ideas on how i can get it to set back in? ive got some new enduro bearings sitting here so happy to use super epoxy as i wont have to change them again for a...