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  1. mty10@

    Arm of derailure contacting cassette

    Hey guys, recently purchased a few 10spd Shimano XT derailleur. However, when I'm setting it up the "arm" where the cable attatches hits the cassette body. Any help? Am I missing something dumb here? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. mty10@

    Replacement of uh, "this" bolt on X7?

    Sorry I didn't know what to actually call it! Photo attatched I thought I'd bent my derailleur but I think it's "just" this bolt. Can it be replaced? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. mty10@

    Welcome To The Team - Australian Norco/Lusty Industries Athlete Blake Nielsen

    To announce his sponsors and kick off his campaign, Blake made the trek along with Jupiter 24 Productions and Jaime Black Photography to the 'Moo - a set of fresh and fast trails for him to get up to pace on his new Aurum. The trails treated him well, and by the end of the day his pace was off...
  4. mty10@

    2013 Australian Mountainbike Interschools

    Photos AND a competition! So, photos are HERE: Also, Wildside Imaging is running a competition! Info is on the page (, but pretty much here are the basics: "Tag a Mate" Competition Do you want to win a 16x20"...
  5. mty10@

    No longer for sale, so just say SOLD

    Item: Turner DHR 06/07 (M/L) WC Edtn. Frame with all new components. Location:Blue Mountains, West of Sydney. May drive, will post at your expense. Item Condition:Used, cosmetic wear. Reason for selling:I'm to big for her now :( Price and price conditions:$1500 O.N.O for the time being, but...
  6. mty10@

    MTBA 4X National Series Round 1 - Kurrajong Album should be public, if you are having issues with the link try navagating to the "photos" tab via -Michael
  7. mty10@

    Setting your bike up for SuperD?

    I'm just interested in what you guys do when setting up for a SuperD event, if any at all? I mainly just go: Bigger bag tires, lower the seat, pro-pedal off, shorter stem and wider bars (from the 4X bike)
  8. mty10@

    Jupiter 24 ShowReel

    PINKBIKE Vimeo coming Well, here it is. Just a small sample of what Jupiter24 has done in relation to Bikes in its first eighteen months or so. Feature projects included "The Premier State - web series" which quickly spawned the still in-production film "Head2Head." Music: "Bones" - Data...
  9. mty10@

    Summer Days

    Vimeo coming PINKBIKE Shot on the 16/1/10 at a few trails near Wonora(sp?) Heights in between riding. feat. Ned Simes (Orange Commencal) Nathan Sawley (Black Rotec) Peter Taferner (Green Commencal) and Mason Ward (Dark Red/Maroon Morewood) EXCUSE: it was a bit overcast at the...
  10. mty10@

    A very late Newtons Nation Edit

    Well, here it is. Finally got around to doing a colour correct and uploading it. it was shot in a hurry during u19 & Elite seeding, so only in the dry.
  11. mty10@

    Christmas Demo Reel

    Jupiter24 Demo/Christmas Reel Well, here is my as-of-yet unfinished Demo/Christmas Reel. All shot in 2010, with the exception of a few things shot in december of 09. This is the rough cut (ie, not perfected, non-colour corrected, low quality.) I have learnt heaps in the last 12-18months and...
  12. mty10@

    DH tracks in southern higlands?

    Or, anytracks for that matter. I'm going down on Saturday - Monday and will have all three bikes with me (DH, DJ/4X ripper and XC) and was wondering if anyone know of any trails down there? I'll be around Bowral way and really close the place beggining with "B" (Beerburn? somwhere like...
  13. mty10@

    The Premier State 4X/DS Episode Three; Part One! PART TWO ALSO UP NOW ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this episode of TPS, we travel to Round Four of the NSWMTB Red Ass 4X/DS...
  14. mty10@

    Embeding a video in vBulletin 4.0.3 (THIS FOURUM)

    ok, I've noticed a lot of people are just posting links to videos, not embedding them. embedding them looks more professional and easier for your prospective audience, because thy don't have to navigate away from the page. -- WHAT IS EMBEDDING A VIDEO? -- Embedding a video embeds the video...
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    The Premier State episode two!

    In this episode of TPS, we travel to Round Three of the NSWMTB Red Ass 4X/DS State Series Held in Ebenezer, with 4X on a track that could be a downhill track, and DS on something completely new... Series Support by:
  16. mty10@

    Leogang To Replace Schladming World Cup

    I dont know if this has all ready been posted, I dunno what section it should be in but, meh. Schladming was one of the best tracks in my opinion, anyone know anything about the Leogang track? I just worked out that Schladming was awarded the 2013 Ski World Championships in 2008! Work that...
  17. mty10@

    Straitline Components Launch ‘Quickie’ Stems

    Canadian based CNC firm Straitline Components Launches the first ever DH QR Stems into the demanding and competitive Gravity Market. With the new innovated design inspired by the demands of two Canadian Champions Andrew Mitchell -2 time National Champion and current Canadian Junior...
  18. mty10@

    The Premier State - 4X Video (very late - sorry)

    Sorry for lateness, but stuff kept happening and we were in the process of chainging ISP's soooo, meh. Enough excuses, here is the video! ----- note: if you click the "HD is off" button, it can take you to the vimeo page where it is HD. ----- I'm still learning...
  19. mty10@

    Handsdown possibly the best "Inspire to get out and ride" vid evar! that is all...
  20. mty10@

    Mike Day Test shoot - by Clay Porter

    Ok, this is proabbly the most epic-est vid I have seen in agez.... 'njoy