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    rockshox pike rc1 - compression adjuster does zilch

    Just after some quick opinions from some other RS Pike owners out there. I have 120mm travel 2014 Pikes on my Specialized Camber 29. The camber comes with the basic model pike (RC1 I think) so only has compression adjustment at the top of the right leg, and rebound on the bottom. Problem is -...
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    NSW SOLD Yeti 575 - medium | rockshox pikes | hope brakes | 1x10 XT | XT tubeless wheels

    it pains me to do this but I just don't ride this bike anymore - I've been riding a hardtail SS for the last couple of years - I should have put this bike up for sale years ago. Have now moved in with new girlfriend and she thinks 1 bike is enough :( it doesn't help that I keep them in the...
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    Ezra of Fast Boy Bikes

    Something a bit different. A really sad, beautiful, touching bit of film.
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    NSW 30.9 seatpost - swap for 31.8 SDS i-beam or Thompson Elite

    I'm an idiot. I just bought a brand new iBeam seatpost (20mm offset - 400mm) and matching seat in the wrong bloody size. I also have a Thompson Elite (straight 400mm) from my old bike which has seen about 6 months use and is still basically brand new. Both are 31.8, but I neeeeed a 30.9...
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    Introducing the Girly to MTB

    Hey folks. Just after some quick suggestions - the new girlfriend has been mountain biking once, a long time ago and now wants me to take her out for a spin tomorrow. Looking for good suggestions for places to take a n00b around Sydney - obviously it's gotta be accessible, but also not too...
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    big ups to the guys at Fox Shox and Woolys Wheels

    I've had a lot of bad experiences with bike parts and warrantees and dodgy bike shop mechanics over the last couple of years, but recently had an extremely good one so thought I'd share: I just bought a Giant XTC 29er on ebay - sight unseen (yeah I know - asking for trouble). I got it cheap...
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    Wide bars with a comfy sweep for a 29er?

    Hey all. I've just gone to the dark side and picked me up a Giant XTC 29er as my race rig. Finding it very fast and quite comfy but I find the stock Giant bars are too straight? I like the width but my hands aren't comfortable (yeah - that's what SHE said) - I'd like to find something with...
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    Manly Dam Open?

    Can anyone give an update as to the status of the dam? Feel like a quick blast tomorrow but not sure if it's open or not. I usually get the emails from the rangers but haven't seen one for a while. cheers.
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    1x10 - what chainring options are there?

    hey. I'm wanting to up(down?)grade to 1x10 as I only ever seemt to use the middle ring and I wanna get rid of the gripshifters so I may as well. I've picked out all the parts I need except for the chainring... I can't find a single (non-ramped) chainring to suit XT cranks that specifies...
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    nice steel frames + 26 or 29?

    hi there. After my bike suffered a catastrophic failure at this years Mont I find myself looking for a new race rig. For years I've been riding dualies, but after borrowing a hardtail to complete the race, I find myself looking into hardtail options - I really enjoyed the way it rode (it...
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    SOLD - please delete.

    Item: medium Cannondale Prophet frame Location: Coogee or Surry Hills Sydney Item Condition: used and a bit rough looking but still rides like a star. Reason for selling: Santa Claus was very good to me Price and price conditions: $500 ono Extra Info: includes Fox Float R shock, carbon...
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    bike bungee. sick es bro.

    watch video at: I think they're serious too!
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    electric assist bikes - any experience?

    Hi there. My dad is getting into his late 60s and is looking to do sometihng for a bit of fitness. He has an old mongoose which he hasn't ridden in years, cos he reckons the hills just hurt too much. Was having a chat with him last night and he reckons he's been looking at some of the...
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    tubeless conversion on road tyres??

    Hi there farkers. My commuter is an old GT Avalanche now converted to SS. I love it. It's fast. I run Maxxis Detonators cos I like them but lately I've been getting way too many punctures (at least one a week - hooray for Sydney streets and their broken glass everywhere). I normally run...
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    3 ring circus entry available

    full 3 rings - solo. SMS Darren on 0405 306 636 if you want it.
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    26 inch rigid forks needed

    hi there. I need to get my commuter rocket going again and need some rigid forks to throw onto it. 26 inch QR disk brake preferred. It's an old GT MTB frame so suspension-corrected forks probably aren't necessary though won't make too much difference either. I can afford up to about...
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    Netti Factory Sale - again - bigger than I've ever seen!

    Hi all, If you didn't already know about it - Netti are having their factory sale again right now in Alexandria (Mitchel road?). google it anyway... It opened last night and was PACKED. took an hour and a half to get through the line to pay but i picked up 2 pairs of my favourite baggy...
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    Andersons and Oaks - trails open??

    Hi. Looking to do these two trails this weekend but not sure if the trails are likely to be open... I know they were back-burning along the Oaks last week - does anyone know the status of these 2 trails?? thanks
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    Menai trails..?

    Hi Farkers/Burners.. Me and a mate are looking to explore some new areas and have heard good things about Menai (have also seen videos of nice ladders and all kinda goodies). Can anyone give me a quick run-down of where to go/what to look for? Will probably be out there early Sunday...
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    RS coil Pikes U-turn winding down on it's own

    Hey folks. Had this problem for a while, it stopped, but I just serviced the fork and now it's back again. basically the U-turn adjuster keeps winding down on it's own as I ride - I go out for a ride with full 140mm travel, then an hour later when I stop, it's down to 110mm or something...