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    NSW WTB - 26'er Single Crown Forks 100 - 120 mm straight steerer - 9mm axle/qr

    Item - wtb - 26'er single crown forks. Travel up to 120mm. Steerer length - long!! - 210mm. 9mm axle/qr Location - I in central coast nsw. Price range - $250 max Extra info - will be using on my kona stuff to turn it into a all purpose machine (currently has dirt jumpers on which work...
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    go pro view
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    Rockshox XC 32 TK forks - any one used /reviewed

    Wondering if anyone has used these forks and what they think of them (have read mtbr reviews) Reason - i have a 2008 kona stuff (i love this bike) with marzocci dj forks (100mm 9mm drop outs). I want to turn the bike into general xc machine (i only ride xc for fun etc - got a reign for all mtn...
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    can i run 2.5/2.7 tubes in 2.35 highrollers

    My new reign has french valves -cant find 2.35 free ride /dh tubes anywhere. Will there be any drama running 2.5 maxxis dh tubes??? Dont care about weight issue and dont want to drill out rims to fit schraders
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    Using lights (niteriders mini newt) in the rain??

    Will the rain damage my mini newts? I am FORCED to ride bikepaths as rehab for knee injury. Due to daylight chaos on local bikepaths i am riding at night. Does anyone know if my lights are waterproof?? Sorry dumb question, just bit unsure and dont want ruin them
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    Will i damage my ht riding on road in wet??

    Due to rain on central coast most of the tracks are too wet to ride. Am thinking of using my kona stuff ht to ride on road - got 2.5 kms hill road - in rain. Will i damage my ht riding in wet? ie hubs etc, - i always clean bike after ride anyway but just wondering if it will damage any...
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    2012 Reign - advice re chain drop stop

    Just got my new 2012 reign 1 - sick bike, will be used for all mtn style riding (i come from dh background). As it doesnt have tabs etc for chain guide - i have followed threads and seen people put some on with modifications etc. I am prob going to drop the large ring off front amd maybe run...
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    NSW Sold

    Item - Giant Anthem X2 medium size Location - Kincumber , Central Coast NSW Price and conditions - $1 000 pick up only. Not splitting Reasons for selling - need fund leg operation for my new puppy - very reluctant sale Item condition - very good - bike has lived in my lounge room its whole...
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    Kona stuff (2008) - turn into all mtn weapon??

    I have a kona stuff which i am thinking into trying to turn into a all mtn bike for 6 months until i can afford reign. Its has marzocci dj 2 on it. The angles feel good (i come from dh background) but the forks are bit unforgiving. Looking for advice, 1) any recommendations on alternative set...
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    NSW 2008 GIANT GLORY sold pending payment/delivery

    Item: 2008 GIANT GLORY DH1 medium Location: Kincumber , Central Coast NSW 2251 Item Condition: used dh bike - usual shuttle marks etc. Frame and forks have been covered in 3M tape (fork lower has scratch marks from shuttle buses where 3M tape finished). Bike regularily serviced by Erina...
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    NSW Sold

    Item: Mongoose 2008 ECD SMALL Location: Long Jetty NSW 2251 Reason for selling: got new Mongoose Price: $1600 Condition: usual dh scratches, serviced by Central Coast Cycles. New bearings in linkages Contact: Luke 0402 724 3963 or 4332 6817 or Specs: Boxxer teams...
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    Ourimbah Pallet Jump - DANGER

    Just a warning - the upramp of the pallet jump has been tamprered with and totally moved off its supports - actually the upramp is moved to the side . I tried block it off with logs - Andy will be informing Brad the builder today. SLOW DOWN ON THE RUN IN - THER AINT NO RAMP. Also the down ramp...
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    Boxxer 08 (race) stanchion (left hand side)

    Please use the template
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    Ourimbah DH track closed Sat 30th JAN

    As the title suggests the track will be closed to allow the trail fairies (led by Kim the king fairy:) ) to tend to the track. As work will be carried on at the start berms and the finish the whole track will be shut. Any complaints contact Painey
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    Ourimbah Club Days & Build day

    The great sledger has posted the dates for this years CCOMTB DH race days in the CCOMTB thread here on farkin. The first race date will be in March and the dates have been set so to avoid clashes with HMBA - now we can support both clubs!!!! Also there will be a DH build maintenance day on...
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    race face evolve dh (x type) crank (driveside)

    As title suggests just looking to buy the crank (mine is bent) - have fine bb and lh side crank. size 170mm Live central coast nsw -will pay postage Thanks
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    Ourimbah start ramp

    Some a..holes have vandalised and destroyed the start ramp at Ourimbah dh track in the last two days:mad: - see pictures in the CCOMTB thread. Besides being a low act to racers - Wayne aka Sledger puts alot of hard work and effort into the track and maintenance and for someone to do this is...
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    Ccomtb 24/5/09 cancelled

    The CCOMTB club race Sunday 24th May has been cancelled due to weather and track conditions. Race will be rescheduled for June. Next time the committee will make Kempok dry the track with absorbent paper towels (he tried to dry it today but the towels just disappear in the bush:D)
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    Ccomtb sun 15th march

    Ourimbah round 2 is on this sunday 15th March. Rego start about 8am. Race costs $25 - 2 buses with trailers - shuttles start 9am. No private shuttles. There will be new fun lines to race. Track building / maintenance is occuring on saturday 14th March. The bottom section of the track...
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    Erina bikeworx birthday

    Just so all local riders know - today 28th January is Tony's birthday (the proprietor). Just want to wish him a happy 33rd birthday from Bikeworx downhill crew:D. Our way saying thanks for the excellent service at Erina Bikeworx