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  1. Cooch

    DH Old Boy's Candy

    Been riding her for about 9 months now. Just built up a new set of wheels to really finish off the bike and get the look/function I was after. Also spoilt myself with a crown and new zero stack CK headset :p So Happy!!! Frame - Banshee Legend MK II, Medium, Team...
  2. Cooch

    Paradox 29'er

    Could this be my hangover bike? You know, when you're feeling green from the night before but still want to get out and ride, get some fresh air in your face, but you're not interested in shredding trails or gapping some jumps. Just a nice roll-along... Really keen to put some k's in on this...
  3. Cooch

    DJ DO*BER*MANN Pinscher with Tchokr forks

    Built this up for my local pump track, jumps and some street/park playing around: It's so cool to ride. Feels incredible! The transparent paint is just gorgeous. Frame: DO*BER*MANN Pinscher Forks: DO*BER*MANN Tchokr Headset: Chris King Bars: Deity 2010 Stem: Deity Fantom Brake...
  4. Cooch

    Please Delete

    Please delete this post.
  5. Cooch

    Please delete

    Please delete.
  6. Cooch

    Old Dog, New Tricks?

    Reading through the posts in this new Vet forum got me thinking about my riding and what I've been doing over the past few years on the bike. 20 years ago, Fufanus, X-ups, barspins, moto-whips just didn't exist in what was a new sport of mountainbiking. The movies over the past few years...
  7. Cooch

    Clear Mt Maintenance

    To the crew who has been working hard out at Clear Mountain over the past few weeks! Awesome work guys. Your work has not gone unnoticed. If you guys are in here! Sweet and a huge shout out of thanks!!
  8. Cooch


    Here's my take on the Banshee Spitfire - basically a light, fast, slammed downhill inspired bike. Just finished building her up a couple of days ago and have been riding her hard over the past 2 days. Buildkit: Forks: Fox Talas 36s for the 100mm to 160mm adjustability to match the frame...
  9. Cooch

    Fox 40 and Boxxer Direct Mount Stems

    Does anyone know whether the new FOX DH40 top crown direct mount is compatible with Rock Shox Boxxers? Or is it a different bolt up setting?
  10. Cooch

    QLD Sold

    Item: Banshee Scythe, Medium, Wineberry with 5th Element Shock Location: Rio brisBanero Item Condition: Good condition - brand new shock Reason for selling: Banshee Legend MK II Price and price conditions: Extra...
  11. Cooch

    Gold Coast MTB Club now on Facebook

    Follow this link for all the goss/events/pics/movies and more:!/group.php?gid=328371393735 __________________
  12. Cooch

    Mt Coot-tha 20 year vision

    Hey all, Got this email from City Council. Seems the mtb survey and vision survey has been changed into this: (I've highlighted the important bits.) I guess it means if we don't go, mountainbiking might not be heard! "Mt Coot-tha Future Plan update and invitation to Information...
  13. Cooch


    Item: Static Bikes - Evil Twin 26" - "Blu Tac" Colour. Location: Brisbane, but will ship anywhere via Smart Send Couriers for $50. Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: Purchased new to build up, but circumstances have changed. Price and price conditions: Click here...
  14. Cooch

    Adam who?

    Just a 'bit' of style... I wish I could do this stuff!
  15. Cooch

    Banshee Legend Colours for 2010

    Wow - they look sweet!! Info an pics here: Decisions, decisions, decisions...
  16. Cooch

    QLD Sold

    Item: 2008 Banshee Wildcard - Medium - Team Black White Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Great, only a few marks Reason for selling: Selling for a friend (Davide) who upgraded to a Banshee Scythe Price and price conditions: $1,800 Extra Info: Fox DHX 5 Coil, spare hanger Pictures...
  17. Cooch

    Too wet for Tewantin?

    A few of us are heading up to Tewantin North Shore for a weekend of camping and riding in Wooroi. I'm now thinking that it's just going to be way too wet to ride. Anyone know the conditions of the trails in Tewantin (Wooroi) Forest?? Has it been raining there all week?? Cheers, Cooch
  18. Cooch

    Dobermann Le Pink - More info, sneak pics

    Hey guys, Dobermann have more info on their website about the Le Pink: Looks like they're going with Fox's DHX Air too - Sweeeeeet :p
  19. Cooch

    QLD ** sold **

    I have a brand new Banshee Wildcard Frame in Team Black White (Medium) - $1,999 (rrp $2,300) This is the perfect play bike for slopestyle and freeriding. You can also have a lot of fun on your local DH track. Set it at 5 inches of travel for your dirt jumping or go with 6.5” for confidence...
  20. Cooch

    DH My 2009 Race Weapon is finished

    Here's my race rig for the 2009 Sunshine Series and whatever other DH race is going on around the traps. Might even take her down to Buller for the Nationals (not to race them, but to hit up the other trails). Spec list: Frame: 2008 Banshee Scythe, Medium, Gloss White Fork: Marzocchi...