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    rockshox pike rc1 - compression adjuster does zilch

    UPDATE(#2): so I just spoke to the bike shop, apparently my bike is waiting for me (I love it when they call you!). Fork is back, exactly the same as it was. What do I do!?? Surely compression adjustment should have *some* noticeable effect on how the fork feels??
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    rockshox pike rc1 - compression adjuster does zilch

    update: still no word... UPDATE: now two weeks + two days... and I haven't heard a thing. I think this is a bit poor on RS/SRAMs behalf considering they didn't even bother fixing it the first time. How do you claim compensation for such poor service? I've been without my bike for more...
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    rockshox pike rc1 - compression adjuster does zilch

    thanks folks - this is pretty much what I expected but i just wanted to make sure before I give up my bike for another 2 weeks! I've booked it in for tomorrow. yeah that's definitely not the problem - bike is always stored upright (even on the car it's on the roof), and the lockout has never...
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    rockshox pike rc1 - compression adjuster does zilch

    My old Pikes (409 coils - lovely things) also only had compression adjustment and yeah, lock was LOCK. Good. thanks. Sadly though they don't have any demo bikes... the problem with buying from what's mostly a roadie shop.
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    rockshox pike rc1 - compression adjuster does zilch

    Just after some quick opinions from some other RS Pike owners out there. I have 120mm travel 2014 Pikes on my Specialized Camber 29. The camber comes with the basic model pike (RC1 I think) so only has compression adjustment at the top of the right leg, and rebound on the bottom. Problem is -...
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    NSW SOLD Yeti 575 - medium | rockshox pikes | hope brakes | 1x10 XT | XT tubeless wheels

    sold pending final payment Thanks for all the replies everybody - overwhelming amount of interest! I (think) I have just received a deposit so bike is off market.
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    NSW SOLD Yeti 575 - medium | rockshox pikes | hope brakes | 1x10 XT | XT tubeless wheels

    She'll definitely need a small. The droppers are great for 'sharing' bikes but she really didn't like the stand over height still. It's all good - I have a friend with an old giant XTC in small that they're going to give us a lend of so we can see how serious she is. :thumb:
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    NSW SOLD Yeti 575 - medium | rockshox pikes | hope brakes | 1x10 XT | XT tubeless wheels

    Edited. Thanks. Will be sure to send you any future posts for your approval :mod: I'm working on her - she's a bit of a fixer-uppper. Convinced her to buy her first ever bike (silly bloody Amsterdam girly bike cos it's purdy) and then she rode mine, found it much easier, so now she thinks...
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    NSW SOLD Yeti 575 - medium | rockshox pikes | hope brakes | 1x10 XT | XT tubeless wheels

    it pains me to do this but I just don't ride this bike anymore - I've been riding a hardtail SS for the last couple of years - I should have put this bike up for sale years ago. Have now moved in with new girlfriend and she thinks 1 bike is enough :( it doesn't help that I keep them in the...
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    My Carbon Roval wheel is destroying tyres!

    Sweet. So where are we riding on Monday then?? Sent from my computer using a keyboard.
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    NSW Mill Creek Conservation Park (Menai) - MTB Trail building Thread

    Hey Al. Put me down as a definite maybe (though Sunday would be better). Need somewhere new to ride and also wanted to subscribe to this thread in case more building happens. I've been offline for a while and would like to get back into it.
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    PLZ DELETE: Wanted - QR FORK 120mm 26"

    I have some old rockshox recons (i think) which have bar mounted pop-lock and u-turn from 85-130mm or something along those lines. Sorry - sketchy on the details as they've been sitting in a cupboard for a couple of years now! PM if interested and i can find out the specifics for you.
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    Ezra of Fast Boy Bikes

    Something a bit different. A really sad, beautiful, touching bit of film.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Rode it up the Oaks until this happened :( I'm thinking the chainringbolt must have wiggled loose, and then when I tried to mash some power down, the unsupported chainring just shredded!
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    Old GT Talera into a commuter

    I initially did everything very cheaply - used the original chain and cranks (with middle and small chain rings removed) and just bought a surly singulator for chain tension and a cheap SS cog and spacer kit. I did 1000s of kms with that set up. I recently upgraded the cranks to an old XTR set...
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    Old GT Talera into a commuter

    I rebuilt my old (1992..?) GT avalanche as a SS commuter about 7 years ago and I absolutely love it. It's extremely quick and agile, while still allowing me to jump gutters and occasionally hit a bit of dirt/gravel if it's on the way. I do run slicks (currently schwalbe Kojaks) at 60psi+ so the...
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    Official Old Mans Valley MTB Park - Hornsby

    WOW trails are so stuffed, they're UPSIDE DOWN! Any word on re-opening? So keen to go there tomorrow arvo...
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    Post your 29er!

    I've been monitoring this thread for years and I've only had a common-as-muck Giant XTC 29er so never posted, but, after commuting on a singlespeed for years I figured it was time to try it off road. I converted my Giant XTC about 2 months ago and was instantly hooked. So I figured it was time...
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    No Helmet

    Where's the 'like' button whne you need it? I see this more and more these days in Syndey - people riding with helmets hanging on their bars or in a bag or not clipped-on(!). if you've got it, why not wear it!? Not to open a can of worms, but I also find these kinds of riders to be more...
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    Centerlock Woes - Advice?

    If it makes you feel any better: I've been running XT wheels with XT centrelock rotors for about 5 years. About a year ago I noticed the same play that you describe (lock the brake, wheel still rotates a couple of mm) and found that it was becasue the splines were worn. I replaced the rotor...