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  1. MrCove

    Commencal Meta AM 3

    read the review of the AM1 in AMB from a few issues back, same frame with lower end spec good all rounder but as the man says, depends on who's riding it, what your terrain is like, what your group of riders is on, etc, etc
  2. MrCove

    WTB: Thudbuster, fat bike parts, XT/XTR bits

    31.6 Reverb any good to ya?
  3. MrCove


    pretty sure i have a RaceFace Diabolous, 1 1/8th, silver, sitting on a shelf in the shed open to offers
  4. MrCove

    DT Swiss rear QR Conversion endcap kit

    right part but you would be better getting the 135x10 DT tool-less throughbolt system fits 'standard' 135mmm QR rear, you'd still need the correct axle sleave which unfortunately i can't find on CRC picture may not be the 135 version, just grabbed it of google, but you'll get the idea
  5. MrCove

    Best All Mountain Saddle

    'best' is enirely subjective however Tioga Spyder Twin Tail, light cheap and suprisingly comfortable about 140g, $60-$70 on flea bay
  6. MrCove

    QLD FOUND! Cheap 100-120mm XC 26inch QR Forks

    how about some old as Manitou Axel 100mm? disc only, QR, 1 1/8th $60 inc postage
  7. MrCove

    650b pfff

    i'm inclined to agree
  8. MrCove

    Newbie, coming out from the UK

    definately bring as bike with you, as luggage, cost free heaps of riding here but nothing like it is now in the UK check out the Blue Mountains while you are here, i'll give you a tour
  9. MrCove

    9sp chain on 10sp cassette

    in related news..... i use a full 10 speed set up, but use a 9 speed split link, the 10 speed ones are IMPOSSIBLE to undo without a tool (no dwarves/midgets/small persons were harmed in this experiment)
  10. MrCove

    head lines don't get better than this

    you really couldn't make this up
  11. MrCove

    Training For Enduro Racing?

    Monday looks pretty good
  12. MrCove

    GXP bottom bracket confusion

    for 68/73 you set them up as 73 whatever your bb width the only difference is that if you are running a 68mm shell you will have 2 spacers on the drive side and 1 spacer on the non drive if you are using a bb mount guide or front mech then it'll replace one of the spacers if you are running...
  13. MrCove

    29/36 chainrings and 170mm crank

    unusual combo, there will be a huge amount of duplication XO/XX generally run 26/39 or 28/42 (i ran a 28/39 set up for a while) i don't think the standard spiders on X0/XX will run less than 38t on the outer there are after market options though, Home Brewed, Wolf Tooth, etc 104mm BCD...
  14. MrCove

    X0 crank

    i have a set in grey pretty well used 68/73 threaded bb, 28t/39t rings and spider if you want them pm me an e-mail address for pics
  15. MrCove

    Yeti SB-75 and new 575

    i like it especially the 575 shame the travel has gone down on the SB by over 20mm
  16. MrCove

    SOLD [VIC] 2009 Cove STD

    great 'grin factor' on these pretty sure it's a large though
  17. MrCove

    AM Commencal Meta AM.

    nice bike, did you read the review in AMB...........? been thinking same re. 40t cassette sprocket, flea bay, about 200 plus
  18. MrCove

    Rubbing shifter cables

    i always go with longer cables, crossing to the other side of the frame in front of the head tube my cables don't touch the head tube at all also, as suggested, clear patches work well
  19. MrCove

    AM Carbon Bronson

    took a Bronson C out yesterday morning, yeah, anyone want to buy a kidney?
  20. MrCove

    more 27.5" goodness, Pivot Mach 6 more here,!/photo.php?fbid=649307675081406&set=a.204808032864708.55661.145882988757213&type=1&theater carbon, DW Link, 155mm rear travel, 27.5" wheels, sweet