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  1. hungrytiger

    Sold Rockshox Recon RL 2019 120mm Boost 29

    Item: Rockshox Recon RL 2019 120mm Boost 29 Location: Belgrave, VIC Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: Not required, swapped out for my own fork Price and price conditions: $150 Extra Info: 180mm steerer, black stanchions, motion control, very similiar to a Yari Pictures: Soon
  2. hungrytiger

    Frame shipping

    Any recommended options for shipping a frame interstate? The longest edge is over 105cm, so auspost is looking expensive.
  3. hungrytiger

    Sold Ragley bigwig

    Item: ragley Bigwig frame 2017 17" 617 mm ETT. AM Hardtail 29er or 27.5 plus. Location: belgrave vic Item Condition:good but some minor marks Reason for selling: surplus to requirements Price and price conditions: $400 Extra Info: has ragley seatclamp, nukeproof headset and Shimano bb. Specs...
  4. hungrytiger

    hope w35 tyre choice?

    Got the w35s a few months ago for a great price,they replaced my trusty hope enduros which were great but too narrow (23mm). I have a dhf 2.5 widetrail on the front which is superb in that role, however I only had a 2.4 ardent for the rear so just threw that on. The grip was incredible...
  5. hungrytiger

    VIC SOLD ek Remedy 7 Frame 17.5 + PUSH Shock spacers

    Item: Trek Remedy 7 Frame - 2011 Location: Belgrave, VIC Item Condition: Fair Reason for selling: Not being used Price and price conditions: $150. I prefer local pickup , but may post ($25 P&P) Extra Info: This is a 17.5" frame for 26"wheels which I used until 2015. Condition is fair, a...
  6. hungrytiger

    VIC Ragley Blue Pig 16" SOLD

    Item: Ragley Blue Pig Frame 2013 16" Location: Belgrave, VIC Item Condition: Good, some marks. Reason for selling: New project Price and price conditions: $200 ono Extra Info: Comes with Nukeproof Headset and Generic Bottom bracket (both in good condition), plus spare hanger. It can handle...
  7. hungrytiger

    VIC Ragley Blue Pig, Sektors with tokens, Sun Ringle Wheels SOLD

    Split down my steel hardtail. Not willing to post anything, pickup only. Item: Ragley Blue Pig Frame 2013 16" Location: Belgrave, VIC Item Condition: Good, some marks. Reason for selling: New project Price and price conditions: $200 Extra Info: Comes with Nukeproof Headset and Generic...
  8. hungrytiger

    MTB hire Brisbane

    I might be there for work next weekend. Does anyone know any places that hire bikes as Google is not being that helpful.
  9. hungrytiger

    Falls Creek shuttles

    Hi, I will be up in the falls creek area in a couple of weeks. I know that blue dirt run occasional shuttle days for the new trails, but is it possible to shuttle these tracks yourself during the week etc? cheers
  10. hungrytiger

    westgate park

    Does anyone know if the westgate park trails are still there?
  11. hungrytiger

    yawn ... another banshee :)

    OK, I have quite enjoyed reading the other threads about people's spitfires, so I thought I would post mine up. Its still a work in progress and family stops me spending any more than I otherwise would, but I think I've invested the cash in the priority components at this stage. I came off a...
  12. hungrytiger

    VIC SOLD Fox Float RL 150mm Tapered Steerer

    Item: Fox Float RL 26" (AKA International Wheel Standard) Location: Belgrave Item Condition: Cosmetically: Scrapes on bottom of lowers from being rested on the ground, one tiny chip in the stanchion (less than 1mm) Mechanically: A1, regularly serviced Reason for selling: Pikes Price and...
  13. hungrytiger

    Victorian MTB Representation

    I first started MTBing in Victoria 5 years ago. There has been alot of trail development in the tourist areas since then, but the metropolitan area had 2 MTB parks then..... and still has only 2 now. We compare unfavorably with Canberra and Adelaide in terms of access to MTB facilities and yet...
  14. hungrytiger

    fox creek sa info please

    Will be passing nearby fox creek MTB park on a family camping trip. Is it easy to find your way around the new core loop? From the map I have it looks like you park at the fox creek rd parking and then head up middle earth and from there proceed anti clockwise until you go down green smoothie...
  15. hungrytiger


    As title, shoot me a pm if you have anything. Needs to be in Melbourne really as I like to have a look at stuff before buying it. Budget is 150-200.
  16. hungrytiger

    Nowa Nowa Trails?

    Just looking for some opinions. Going on a family camping trip in a couple of weeks and have noticed I will be near Nowa Nowa. Is it worth taking my bike? I can't really find out much about the trails online.
  17. hungrytiger

    Darwin MTB ?

    I'd post this in the NT watering hole, but its pretty dead there. I have to head up to Darwin for work in a couple of weeks time. Is it worth me taking up my hardtail to ride the Charles Darwin park trails?:
  18. hungrytiger

    VIC SOLD Marin Mount Vision (2009)

    Item: Marin Mount Vision 5.7 (2009) Location: Melbourne (Belgrave) Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: too many bikes Price and price conditions: $1000 Extra Info: Only 6 months use from new. Fully serviced last week by local bike store (receipt available). 3 sets of spare brake pads...
  19. hungrytiger

    Lake Mountain VIC

    Hi, Just found this development and am pretty interested since I'm over the east side of melbourne and it would be reasonably close to get to. Found website here, but has anyone been who can vouch for what to expect? I see they have a few comps on...