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  1. MrCove

    head lines don't get better than this

    you really couldn't make this up
  2. MrCove

    more 27.5" goodness, Pivot Mach 6 more here,!/photo.php?fbid=649307675081406&set=a.204808032864708.55661.145882988757213&type=1&theater carbon, DW Link, 155mm rear travel, 27.5" wheels, sweet
  3. MrCove

    which fork, RS Pike or Fox 34?

    so, if you were getting a new whip would you go with Fox 34's or RockShox Pike
  4. MrCove

    interesting article and vid about Bronson/27.5 wheels from SC

  5. MrCove

    my god, more of 'em!! 27.5 Orange 5, official! now with XO1

    here it is, new Orange 5 in 27.5" (650b) geo pretty much like the old one
  6. MrCove

    holy snake oil batman, SC gone 27.5" crazy!

    just looking at the SC site very few 26" bikes left with most of the trail/xc bikes now 27.5" or 29er Highball 29er Superlight, 29er Tallboy 29er Tallboy LT 29er Solo 27.5 Heckler 27.5 Bronson 27.5 Blur TR 26er Nomad 26er (160mm @ 26" for now....) V10 26er (for now.....)...
  7. MrCove

    update of a classic 27.5 SC Heckler

    more 650b love,5824/Slideshow,0/bturman,109
  8. MrCove

    So what's this new Ibis gonna be?

    new bike to be revealed on Monday word is tha it's a 650b of some kind if it's a slacker, lower, longer HD with 650b then..........!/photo.php?fbid=10151513576859037&set=a.10150617863134037.395617.254887149036&type=1&theater
  9. MrCove

    new improved Orange Alpine 160

    some slight mods to the Alpine from Orange similar to what they did to the 5 a few years back longer (6mm), lower (7mm), slacker (0.5 to 1 degree), lighter (0.3kg) adjustable shock mount is back still keeps its industrial look! seems just about perfect...
  10. MrCove

    SOLD Ibis Mojo HD, 2011, vit P, medium, 160mm. frame or complete/part complete

    Item: Frame Only. Ibis Mojo HD, Vitamin P, Medium, 160mm with Fox RP23 HV, also have mounts to run a smaller shock and get 140mm travel Location: Blue Mountains Item Condition: Good, used, always had down tube protector fitted Reason for selling: not really sure, it's the best long...
  11. MrCove

    Santa Cruz Bronson

    well, what do we think?
  12. MrCove

    operation Yewtree, Rolf Harris arrested?

    so, purely based in quick internet browsing, it's suggested that Rolf has been arrested in part of Operation Yewtree, the Jimmy Saville enquirey any thoughts?
  13. MrCove

    SOLD 2011 Fox 36 Float tapered steerer, Kashima, white. Pictures up

    Item: Fox Float 36. Tapered steerer. 160mm travel, 175mm steerer, white,1 st gen Kashima, FiT, RCL Location: Blue Mountains, will post Item Condition: used, good, new genuine FOX seals recently, no marks on stantions, couple of minor marks on lowers Reason for selling: replaced Price and...
  14. MrCove

    anyone on a Kogan phone and/or plan, seems too good to be true?

    anyone on a Kogan phone and plan? $299 per year, unlimited calls and texts, 6gb data per month? bring your own phone or buy a Kogan for as little as $149, or a Samsung at $179 and up, no lock in contract, seems too good to be true?
  15. MrCove

    not sure if posted. MTB legend Josh Bender dead?

    died in a car crash? any truth in it? web site looks iffy, no link, other than advertising ones, work
  16. MrCove

    Sydney t' Gong ride, who's in?

    anyone anyone, Bueller, Bueller?
  17. MrCove

    not your average all mountain vid

    watch this then feel depressed.......
  18. MrCove

    old school Cove Handjob, SOLD

    Item: old school Cove Handjob, steel is real frame, black, 19 1/2" SOLD
  19. MrCove

    Yeti 575, meduim, 2011, frame only SOLD

    Posting this in both long travel and short travel forum as it's over 5" but not a DH bike (maybe the forum rules need updating..) Item: Yeti 575 frame. 2011. meduim Location: Blue Mountains Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: time for a change Price and price conditions: $1000 inc...
  20. MrCove

    just putting it out there

    that Spesh will put out a 'mid year' release of 650b bikes for '13, Epic, Camber, Stumpy, Enduro