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    Looking for some Reach opinions (for a 190cm rider)

    Reach of the Meta AM 29 in an XL is 497 just saying.
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    Looking for some Reach opinions (for a 190cm rider)

    Why not a Commencal Meta?
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    VIC Lysterfield Park

    Lysty has by far the biggest amount of self absorbed riders I've seen per ride. Still lots of nice people though, so there's hope. I think what's more worrying than the e-bikes is the amount of dirt bikers I've seen there. Was there the week before and there were 2 men on aneurysm roosting...
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    Rear shock option for Commencal Meta AM

    My meta am 29 works so well with a coil, Defs go with a coil shock. Mine is a super deluxe RCT cool that I got second hand from someone here. I'll selling a super deluxe RCT air if you're interested.
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    Polygon Siskiu N9 - anyone ride one?

    What about the frame and suspension itself, tbh I find that unless you're buying a 6k bike the spec will always have a few things you want to change for personal preference. I got a stem that I can give to him and he has a tendancy to break wheels so we'll just wait for that to happen.
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    Sick Bicycle Co. Deathwish

    What was the cost including shipping if you don't mind? Looks like I might try and convince a mate to look here instead of getting a Polygon
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    GX Eagle - shitty shifting solved!!

    yes please. would love to hear more opinions of the ztto cassettes
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    Polygon Siskiu N9 - anyone ride one?

    anyone have updates on this? My friend is looking at getting one.
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    Last noob question. Is the Polygon Siskiu T8 worth it over the T7?

    What I really wanna try is those DH22's Sir Hill is running but i dunno how much longer I can hold out on this Magic Mary/Hand Dampf Performance compound that came stock on the meta am 29 (they're a hard compound, so they're wearing so slowly!!!), rear is very vague and the front is good enough...
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    Last noob question. Is the Polygon Siskiu T8 worth it over the T7?

    Where you buying a set of tyres for less than $150? 2x DHF is like $180
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Ok so its an improvement over the NX except for shifting. I'm running a gx derailleur with an nx shifter, so i think i might experience the same thing, will get a ztto chain whilst im ordering from aliexpress.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    I'm pretty keen on this ztto cassette, question though, what derailleur are you using?
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    Which alum+coil bike?

    Lyrik RC haha doesn't really suck, just not as supple as the rear now
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    Which alum+coil bike?

    I've also just done this. Noticeably more plush on the rear with a coil, now my fork sucks :(
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    Last noob question. Is the Polygon Siskiu T8 worth it over the T7?

    My partner used to think the same thing. One day we were just riding our commuters on a bike path and a guy over takes us on a kmart bike and while he's putting the power down snaps a crank and nearly eats shit. She kinda gets it now. What I don't understand is why people think that department...
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    Last noob question. Is the Polygon Siskiu T8 worth it over the T7?

    email bicycles online and check if the Revelation uses the 2018 Motion Control Damper or the 2019 Charger RC damper, if its the later then I'd say go the T8 as you won't need to wory about upgrading the fork and the internally routed brakes.
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    Anyone know were in Melbourne I can find someone who can confidently troubleshoot a manitou mattoc fork?
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    Advice for converting Sun Duroc 35 wheels to tubeless?

    If it isn't dont stress too much, installing tape is just a matter of getting a few mm's wider than the internal rim width and running it around the centre until both ends of the tape meet. If you need to buy valves, most LBS will sell them and get some sealant while you're there. Make sure its...
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    Who's running Coil over Air?

    Hey guys, thinking of converting my Commencal META 29 from the RS Super Deluxe to a Coil Shock. I'm fairly heavy, around 100kg with the gear on, commencal recommends a 550lbs spring, that sound about right? Is there a cheap way of switching to a coil shock? Things got metric sizing 230x60 so...
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    Anyone ridden Forrest in Vic?

    Ah dang, unfortunately some of my friends and fat and lazy and won't like that haha. I need new friends.