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    VIC 2017 YT Capra CF Large

    Item: YT Capra Carbon (large) matte black Location: Victoria (Canterbury) Item Condition: basically new Reason for selling: injury, work commitments, getting old, etc Price and price conditions: $4000 Extra Info: Riden less times than I have fingers on hands, its just sitting under a sheet not...
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    trance or stump jumper?

    Keen to hear anyones experiences with either a giant trance x0 or stump jumper fsr comp. Im more keen on dh but wanted a xc bike to keep fit since i blew up my shoulder in footy. Saw Ivanhoe cycles were clearing out 2012 Trance x0 for under 3. Any primo deals going on stumpies? Was chasing new...
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    maldon track condition

    Anyone know the condition of maldon at the moment? Was keen to head up for a thrash on the weekend
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    rim job!

    Looking for a bomb proof rim? suggestions?