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  1. Bacca

    NSW Sold

    Item: 2007 Iron Horse Mk III Sport Location: Albion Park, NSW Item Condition: Good condition Reason for selling: Interested in changing to an All Mountain bike Price and price conditions: Sold Extra Info: I bought this bike brand new from TBSM and have slowly upgraded it over the years with...
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    NSW Sold

    Item: 2008 Norco Team DH. Location: Albion Park, NSW. Item Condition: Very good condition. Reason for selling: Interested in changing to an All Mountain bike. Price and price conditions: $1700. Extra Info: I am the first owner of this bike and it has been my pride and joy. Already boasting...
  3. Bacca

    Transition Bikes TR450 DH Prototype

    Saw this tucked away up the back on page 119 of the latest Revo then found a vid on pootube. I think it looks really good and it seems to be carrying most of its weight down low. The cable routing is...
  4. Bacca

    2008 Marzocchi Roco RC World Cup with Ti Spring - SOLD

    Item: 2008 Marzocchi Roco RC World Cup Shock with Ti Spring. Location: Mortdale, NSW. Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: Air. Price and price conditions: $525 including express post anywhere in Oz. Extra Info: Taken off my 2008 Team DH this shock has seen little use. It's never...
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    Sold Sold Sold
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    NSW Sold

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    NSW Sold

    ########## sold #########
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    Rebuilding Old Hub

    I got myself a very old cruiser and am currently giving it a little TLC. Whilst workin on the old Velo hub I've noticed a pair of wire pawl springs that need attention. Does anyone know what sort of wire I need for the pawl springs and how to install it?
  9. Bacca

    Lightweight DH Tubes?

    I want to lighten up the rotating mass of my wheels and want some help to decide on what size tubes to throw in. I'm running 2 ply 2.50 Nevagal Stick-E's and my question is not really what brand/model of tube to use but what is the smallest size that I could use in my DH bags?
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    Would like to buy a direct mount compatable flat crown to suit Boxxers. Edit: Found
  11. Bacca

    Set Up For '08 888 ATA WC

    G'day boys and girls! The Marzocchi site hasn't got very good info to go off so I'm hoping that somebody with '08 888 ATA WC experience has some info to pass on. What pressure should I run in the top and bottom chambers? Why does the rebound knob on top of the left leg have a combined...
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    ######### sold #########
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    ####### Sold #######
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    '07 Iron Horse MkIII

    This is my trail bike. An upgraded 2007 Iron Horse MkIII Sport. It's a great aggressive XC/Trail bike. The specs; Frame: 5", dw-link Fork: Marzocchi All Mountain 4, 140mm Shock: Fox Float R Headset: FSA Orbit Z Zerostack, 1 1/8" Crankset: FSA Alpha Drive 170mm Pedals: Crank...
  15. Bacca

    Titec Scoper Telescopic Seat Post - SOLD

    Item: Titec Scoper Telescopic Seat Post. Condition: It has been used briefly. It does not have any scratches or dents. It works perfectly. Reason for selling: Not needed anymore Location: Mortdale NSW 2223 Price: Sold
  16. Bacca

    Banshee Scream - 9 months old - SOLD

    Item: 2005 Banshee Scream Location: Mortdale, Sydney Item Condition: Great condition, 9 months old! A few scuffs and scratches from cable rub and shuttles but no dents or cracks and is mechanically A1. Reason for selling: I got a downhill bike. Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info...
  17. Bacca

    '08 Norco Team DH

    After pedalling a 21+kg Banshee Scream FR machine around for a while, and getting right into riding pushy's down hills rapidly, I felt the need to upgrade to a DH specific rig instead of spending money trying to turn the Banshee into one. So after a quick visit to my friendly LBS -...
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    Item: A pair of Maxxis High Rollers. Location: Sydney. Item Condition: Excellent condition. 95% tread. Reason for selling: Not needed. Price and price conditions: $50 for the pair. Extra Info: 26 x 2.50 42a Super Tacky 2 ply Downhill Casing. Pictures: Look down a little bit.
  19. Bacca

    2006 Gary Fisher Big Sur -----> SOLD <-----

    Item: 2006 Gary Fisher Big Sur. 19.5" frame. Location: Mortdale, Sydney. Buyers outside of Sydney to organize own transportation. Item Condition: Very Good Condition. A couple of minor nicks and scratches, nothing major. Reason for selling: Need the money for a new Iron Horse MkIII. Price...