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    Mountain bike motivation that aint MTBing

    Too much sad news this week. Watch this, this is why i mountain bike!! Yaaaaaaaaah get some air!!!!!
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    Riders fear bike ban call- Manly Daily

    This is the artical that was in yesterdays Manly daily. In brief, The national parks association is saying that mountain bikes should be banned from national parks. Local riders are concerned about access to tracks at Bantry bay, oxford falls & other parts of Garigal national park. You...
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    Nice TShirt

    I saw some dude with a Tshirt that i thought was pretty nice. Just wondering if anyone knows who makes em & where you can get one? The Tshirt reads " If it cant kill you through massive internal injuries then it aint a sport".
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    Motorbikes on tracks in Northern beaches

    I have seen a couple of threads on this, anyway just thought i would get some opinions... Did oxy this morning, which rocked as always!!!. However, someone has gone up the track at the bottom (in the forest) on a motor bike and screwed it up abit. Yesterday I was also at the redhill jumps and...
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    Monester 4X track homebush- Sprinklers

    With it being light early i am getting out and hitting up homebush 4X pretty early. However the past few days i have been there & the sprinklers have been on full blast. This has resulted in a track covered in water and unrideable.. abit annoying for the keen 4Xers out there. No drama the BMX...
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    Mt Stromlo World Cup Favourite Moment

    I had such a great time watching the racing on the weekend i thought i would make a post so that people can share their best moments. Heres a couple. DH - on the final runs at Triple treat- Watch the riders remove the tear offs as they flew over the 2nd double (mid air)!!! Dan Athertons-...
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    Cranks for DJing & 4X

    Hi Guys, Any recommendations on some strong cranks for DJing and 4X?? If it helps, i have an STP and I am using an e13 bash guard and running a single chain ring at the front with gears at the back. Also any opinions on 2 piece or 3 piece options & which are best?:D
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    Best Spot in Sydney to learn Dirt Jumping Tricks

    Hi Guys, I am trying to get some new dirt jumping tricks down and i have been going to a few different spots to work out what are the best places to learn mad tricks. Anyway there is a foam pitt at Kurrajong so i am putting that up as number 1. (go the Pylet boys!!). Where do you reckon are...
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    Makara Peak Mountain bike Park Wellington NZ

    I spent just over a week riding the tracks on Makara Peak in Wellington NZ recently and thought that I might try and provide something of a review on this for you. My back ground is in freeride and some dirt jumping around the Sydney area so my review is based on comparisons to this. I found...
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    REDHILL firetrail

    Hi Guys, I was coming back from an early morning ride at Redhill today when coming up the firetrail was a massive digger. After all the recent stuff that has been happening in the northern beaches i was abit concerned about this. So i stopped on the middle of the trail. The bloke stopped and...
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    180 wallride jump

    Thinking about building a 180 wallride/jump?? You know the thing that Darren Berecloth does in NWD6. You ride up it, then you 180 the bike and ride back the way you came in. I think it would be good to do and some fun!!.. I can do it in the skate bowel on the STP although i have not tried it...
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    Turn down on STP

    I am trying to do a turn down on my STP however my leg gets stuck with the handle bars. ie i basically do a half turn down. Is it possible to do on an STP? or is it a BMX only type of trick because of the bike shape?? If you have a photo doing a turn down on a STP it would be great to see?
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    Ideas for Flat section on Freeride Trail

    Hi Guys, I have been looking at making a flat section a bit more interesting for Freeride. It is half way down a DH/Freeride run, with a steep section at the start and at the end. The middle bit is where i am looking for ideas. To date, 2 jumps followed by a Berm followed by a double...
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    Wellington NZ (Dirt Jump or Freeride Information)

    Hi Guys, I am off to Wellington in NZ soon and wondering what the Dirt jumping or Freeride scene is like over there? Any ideas???? I have checked out the usual sites and Makara peak etc look cool for XC however i am into DJing and Freeride. Any locations that may fit the bill around that...
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    Progression to a Tailwhip (360 with bike)

    Hey guys, I had a go at a 360 tailwhip on the weekend. Basically lanched of a good size double like doing a superman, kicked the bike as hard as i could with my back leg, and rotated my hands to help with the bike being rotated. Got the bike to 180 degrees and it stopped. I went ooooh fck...
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    Redhill Sign

    Hi Guys, Went for my early morning ride at Redhill this morning and noticed the enclosed sign. At the entrance to, and beside some well known jumps. Looks like it has just been put up, what does it mean? "CROWN LAND- Unauthorised entry, use or activities prohibited" I just assumed it...
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    Oxford falls fire

    Did any jumps/ramps/wallrides/platforms or other innocent structures get burnt in yesterdays fire????? Fingers crossed, i am praying for their safety!!!!
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    Dirt Jump trainning for Freeriding

    OK stupid question time? I do a bit of freeriding and have noticed that there are a few different opinions on training to get the skills for this. So i am wondering is dirt jumping good to do to build up the skills for freeriding? or are they too different? If it is good then do you use the same...
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    FR/DH Seats

    Guys, I keep bending the rod's on my seat and it is looking pretty damn sad at the moment. Basically i have 2 options 1.) stop dropping or 2.) get a better seat. What types of seat do you recommend for FR/DH type of riding?:D