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    CO2 inflator - good thing ?

    I find them better than a pump if you have a issue with tubeless tires and have to break the bead. Have never been able to reseat a tubeless tire with a mini pump. Plus isn’t the rule you should carry out what you carry in?
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    Can I cut off my battery box USB cable?

    We were out at day break in derby this morning. -2/-3 frost. And I just had a pair of good pair of wool shocks on. But the can’t be to thick as you need to be able to move toes and keep the blood flowing to your feet and toes
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    Can I cut off my battery box USB cable?

    If you have a bigger pair of riding shoes, try them and try to remember to wiggle your toes. It will keep your feet warmer
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    Sam Hill's 2018 Mega is for sale...$5,000

    That was what he was racing on till he got the custom painted one
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    Fezzari La Sal

    They were test on the bike bible test early in the year by bike mag and were rather very highly in those tests
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Gutted an old X9 3 speed shifter and turned into a dropper remote for for the Rocky Mountain. Was happy with the stock thumb remote that came with the KS dropper when I had them on both bikes, but as was starting to struggle with the when changing between bikes after getting a one up for the big...
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    High and low speed compression adjustment - how much

    If you can, get your hands on a shock wiz. They are a great bit of kit and the app presents the the data it captures really well and the recommendations it makes.
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    Long term bang for buck

    I have 3 sets of the DH ones. One set is older than my relationship with the mother on my children. Which is going close to 16 years. Never serviced them they just keep going.
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    170mm fork recommendations..

    Was looking for the same type of fork last year. Ended up with a second hand Factory Fox 36 with the RC2 damper and put a vorbsprung luftkappe kit the air spring. Am really happy with now. At first it was a bit harsh on the small bump stuff but the luftkappe fixed that and it is some much more...
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    What should I buy - Norco sight or canyon Spectral?

    Norco, it feels like you are sitting in it rather than on top of it which is the feeling I got on the canyon
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    Georgetown mtb trails(tassie keeps building)

    George Town is interesting, as there is some ghetto spots but there also seems to be so upmarket areas there to. Is it going to be the next Derby maybe not but give the number of new riders entering the sport here in TAS and on the mainland. More areas to ride can only be a good thing. And it...
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    Georgetown mtb trails(tassie keeps building)

    The big thing with Maydena is that the town is like Derby was 5 years ago with limited food options, no where really to buy food or booze. And I can only eat so many burgers from the bike park and drink so many cans of gold from the RSL at 1984 prices. And the town really doesn’t seem that...
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    2019 Enduro World Series

    Not to take it away from Martin but Sam did not look his normal self on trail on Sunday. On stage 4 he seemed almost in cruise mode and wasn’t on the pedals at all coming out of the corner we were watching on when everyone else was full gas out of the same corner. And the stage he did win was...
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    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Got roped into doing the EWS80 in derby this weekend. Started to get my gear together on Monday and my googles are missing, order some up from MTB direct yesterday and went for the express option to get them in time. Looked at the shipping details this morning. Turns out I didn’t check my order...
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    Shorts with decent length and waist adjustment

    Got a pair 18 months ago and they are still my go to shorts. I also rate there tops really highly.
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    Frame Bearings

    I have had good luck with the enduro max bearings. The correct bearing in the correct application. The limited rotation of a pivot bearing will kill normal bearing fast as they designed to do a full rotation where as the max bearings are designed for a limited rotation. And the $150 for a set...
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    165x38 Rear Shock

    Item: 165x38 rear shock Location:tasmania Item Condition:Working unlike the current one Reason for selling:picked up a Meta 4x for the boy, turns out the rear shock doesn’t have any damping Price and price conditions:must be working and would prefer ether fox or rock shot unit but to be honest...
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    Which bike Trail or XC - Trance 29 2 or Anthem 29 1

    It is a great bike. I was on the bottom level carbon. Was riding some super tech trails in Alexandra NZ (have a look at the tranz nz coverage for today to see what it is like). The bike was a size to small for me and and was set up for someone 15ish kgs lighter than me and I still had a blast...
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    Which bike Trail or XC - Trance 29 2 or Anthem 29 1

    Test road a trance 29 with the stock guides on it. On a steep descent they faded bad. Have ridden that descent on a number of sets of different brakes with out issue. I will stick to my Shimano, they have there own set of issues but they have always slowed me down.
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    Little Things You Hate

    Is it of a poodle? If it is I’m out sorry.