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    Dream Bike for the wife - Juliana Rubion

    comical but true, niner? to be honest even had problems with giant, have one of their computers, needed extra mount...local shop told me the one i was looking at might be jan/feb.....well then why the F did you not use the garmin standard, but widen yours by 1.5mm to just F with end users
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    Sick Bicycle Co. Deathwish

    if anything you need that logo on the rear, for all the people you are passing or have ridden away from
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    2019 World Cup discussion.

    she looked super stoked to have won, pinching the air
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    STOLEN Vic 3121 Richmond - 2016 Rocky Mountain Vertex 990 RSL 29er Carbon Hardtail

    i am baffled also, a local guy in widened had his kids cheap mtb stolen, the kids way of getting to school
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    deore R brake or lever

    Item: deore right lever or full brake Location: macedon ranges Price range/Willing to Pay: 50-60 Extra Info: right lever only, lefties need not apply
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    What is a good one bike solution?

    SS rigid, bonus of decreased maintainance...close thread
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    Ho hum... another cracked rear triangle!

    raoul is the guy, how could you say no to a guy with a name which sounds he is likely to be runnin white powder from colombia
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    VIC SOLD 26” wheel 142x12 rear

    front stan 3.30, rear tesla evolution
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    VIC SOLD 26” wheel 142x12 rear

    pics here
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    VIC SOLD 26” wheel 142x12 rear

    SOLD: 26” wheel rear, rear rim is a mavic 721 on it Location: macedon ranges Item Condition: rear rim near new, rock razor at least 60% Reason for selling: turner 5 spot fits 27.5 Price and price conditions: 90 Extra Info: setup tubeless Pictures: give me a sec
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    CO2 inflator - good thing ?

    go cheap, get bulk carts if u can, aldi even had them a while back..i carry one all the time
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    Wombat ... ok to ride?

    how technicall is it, 3hr coming up soon but i’ve never ridden there
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    Last noob question. Is the Polygon Siskiu T8 worth it over the T7?

    i would prob save the 600, the recon is weaker than the rev fork but not that much better. save the 6 & upgrade the brakes, once you start going fast you want more prob than the m365 can offer, 1/2kg weight diff is bigger all, there is a t8 wait take it back, T8 on special 2499 T8 on special...
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    The 2020 Orange Alpine 6 is Totally Overhauled - But Looks Exactly the Same

    everyone knows you can’t wear yellow & & purple much better combo
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    QLD ZTR Crest 29er wheelset $150-- $100

    this price is getting ridiculous
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    Wombat ... ok to ride?

    PS my kelpie tried to ride a pair of wombats up macedon, they growled & threatened...she ran off, now gives them a wide berth
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    Wombat ... ok to ride?

    yep bit muddy for my likin, prefer harcourt or castlemaine..give gisborne a run too, it’s holding up better, wombat has dried slightly last 2-3 days, but you’ll still come home a bit muddy
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    2019 Enduro World Series

    yep i agree, there are prob still so many cheats not being caught i am surprised how prevelant it appears to be, apparently lots of golfers/ bowlers take substances to slow heart rate so they can make crucial shots..even down to club/state level...where no testing takes place i also have no...
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    2019 Enduro World Series

    i’m unsure if you work in the medical field or are into germ warfare
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    VIC FOUND Straight steerer 120mm fork.

    morning ride, then nothing wrong with a lunch stop, lowers/seal service then going out to ride for the arvo, only to redo when you get home...get you off this forum at the least!