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  1. pink poodle

    The stupid questions thread.

    How hard have you pumped it up? I used to have a similar issue with the schwalbe crazy bob. Running up at 65 or so psi around town and the micro wobbles were very noticeable. My solution was to have the tyre around 30-40psi, where there was a bit of flex in it but also plenty of pushing power...
  2. pink poodle

    26” fox 36 or lyric etc

    If that steerer is too short for the OP, I might be interested.
  3. pink poodle

    What does your day look like?

    Yep.warm and sunny here. T-shirt weather
  4. pink poodle

    Plastic bags, climate change, renewable energy,

    Maybe Adani are looking for new employees...
  5. pink poodle

    Little Things You Love

  6. pink poodle

    What does your day look like?

    That must be a relief to so many people.... Spent the afternoon on the local trails. Great weather, so much so I think I'm sunburnt! The old selfie rock got a work out and (keeping in theme with this thread) here is a shitty image to celebrate.
  7. pink poodle

    Little Things You Hate

    ...and then there is picking your preferred witch doctor.
  8. pink poodle

    Little Things You Hate

    I often just slept on the floor. The dogs freaked out! I thought the bossier dog was going to eat me and take the role of house leader... At my lowest point I got into a panic about an overdue power bill. The post office was about 700m away so I crunched a few extra pills and began the limping...
  9. pink poodle

    Little Things You Hate

    Not always. I was only 28 and in reasonably good shape (lots of riding and rock climbing at the time) when I was crippled by this sort of thing without any specific incident or trigger. I think @Ultra Lord is younger than that and even went under the knife! Was the morning after endone all...
  10. pink poodle

    VIC Shitty white 26" wheels

    Still for sale?
  11. pink poodle

    VIC SOLD 26” wheel 142x12 rear

    What dimensions are the hub?
  12. pink poodle

    Little Things You Hate

    Finding a pain killer that works for "you" is a painful process with discs. I usually rate endone as a great pain killer, but it was next to useless when my back was fucking me over. It took ages to come on and once it did only worked if I took a good enough dose to fall asleep. Of course when...
  13. pink poodle

    Free Ride Redux - Deluxe Edition

    Well this thread hasn't been updated for a while! I got the forks serviced. It had been a long time between refresh, with about a year in a storage shed unused and another 6 months on the shelf followed by about 9 months since the last ride...anyway they feel awesome at the moment. Just been on...
  14. pink poodle

    Little Things You Love

    Forks fresh back from a service and they feel their Marzocchi buttery best.
  15. pink poodle

    Little Things You Hate

    Discs are a painful time. I'm on trail and if I thought I was out of shape on the trick bike...fuck me the nomad is killing me!
  16. pink poodle

    Little Things You Hate

    But how will you find it when you drop it, if yiu don't have it covered in the fuzz attracting grease?
  17. pink poodle

    The youtube and google video thread (MTB and non-MTB vids)

    Its mind blowing just how much influence that gang bang of fucktards has had on Australian culture. It is also embarrassing.
  18. pink poodle

    What is a good one bike solution?

    I was very tempted to get a spitfire last year. They are a great looking bike with an excellent reputation, with the added bonus of a virtual pivot suspension platform.
  19. pink poodle

    Protective gear for DH?

    It was an awesome journey.
  20. pink poodle

    Little Things You Love

    That's some absorbent paper towel! Dinner in my old hood...Chinese was as good as ever!