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  1. Breaka

    Car motorbike carriers. Which one to buy?

    So, I've decided that I might look into getting a moto hitch for the back of the car. I like the idea of being able to take moto places on my Patrol that would be inaccessible while towing a trailer. The bike intended on carrying is a WR450. I've come across a few items on eBay that I've been...
  2. Breaka

    Mr. Tristan Cardew on insight?

    Did I just spot Tristan asking a question during a discussion on insight?! Was anyone else watching this or is there anyone who can confirm this?
  3. Breaka

    Old man is barking mad!

    Watch please...
  4. Breaka

    The Demise of 'The Simpsons'.

    An old time favourite of mine is becoming a new found hate. Personally I find the new Simpsons episodes (any episodes made within the last few years) quite irritating, unfunny and pretty much unbearable to watch. None of the subtle satire is left. No awesome Homer/Bart stories and...
  5. Breaka

    Where The Wild Things Are - Film Adaptation!!

    Never have a been so excited about a film adaptation of a book. I lost the plot when I saw the previews for Where The Wild Things Are while I was at the cinema's on Friday night. I feel like a silly little school girl but I can't wait until I can see this on the big screen. The story is a...
  6. Breaka

    Ken Block Gymkhana Rip Off.

    As the title suggests some punter has made a Ken Block Gymkhana Rip Off's a whole lot better than the original! Honestly, this so called 'spoof' is alot better than Ken Block's Gymkhana expose` that we're all famaliar with. Some skillful driving, car thrashing, fire works and a few...
  7. Breaka


    Sketch something, submit it and you get someone else's sketch! It's really cool, check it out!
  8. Breaka

    Daylight Saving time changed?

    I'm in NSW and my PC time is 9:00pm on the dot but all posts seem to be put back an hour as if we had changed back from DLS.
  9. Breaka

    Favourite Fighters.

    Right, I'm pretty big on fighting games (MK, tekken, Street Fighter etc) and I'd have to say that the entire MK series is my favourite Arcade style fighter by leaps and bounds. So what's yours? It can be on Arcade, Nintendo, Playstation, X-box etc. you name it. Discuss.
  10. Breaka

    Australia Day 09

    Well I could't find the Australia Day '09 thread (posm probably locked it ? tool) Who's doing what? Now., **ked up last night, grabbed BEER AT 9am this morning. Got on it. Beached it this morning. Got sunbutrnt. On the beers. Only turned on the PC to stream jjj.l What's everyone else...
  11. Breaka

    I hate Birthday's.

    Deadset, I hate Birthday's. Between the stress, constant badgering and pestering from family members, pressure, non stop phone calls, organising/decision making, expectations and all the other shit which goes with having/celebrating a Birthday is just bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I'm...
  12. Breaka

    Aaron Cook - The Weapon.

    Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India have left just over one hundred people dead....but in the mean time I've learnt that a younger mate of mine is a 'weapon'. The report below is about a younger mate of mine. It's an absolute pisser. It's a tongue in cheek story but is likely to lead people...
  13. Breaka

    Obama and McCain: Battle Royale

    I had tears in my eyes when I saw this. Obama and McCain stop talking politics and throw down a rhyme. (Contains swearing.)
  14. Breaka

    Mini quarter for a box of TED's.

    I've got a mini quarter sitting here that never gets used and I would happily trade a box of extra dry for it. Perfect ply with solid wooden frame. It's tiny but it's something a bmx'er could appreciate. Never been used. Dimensions are 600(high)x1850(wide)x1300(deep). Asking for a box of...
  15. Breaka

    The first CD/tape/vinyl you ever bought?

    This is a 'Rockwiz' inpried question - so as the title suggests, what is the first CD/vinyl/tape you farker's owned and/or bought? Also when and where you bought it? The first album I had ever owned was given to me from my Mum. It was purchased duty free from Brissy Airport after a trip back...
  16. Breaka

    New South Wales base confirmed for Repco Rally Australia.

    I'm pretty happy to hear this news. Having the RWC held in my local area will be nothing short of awesome. With the much loved 'Speed on Tweed' ending this year I think this is music to the ears for alot of punters. Even if you're not particularly interested in motor sports or rally in...
  17. Breaka

    You learn something new everyday...

    Yes it sounds rather cliche` but I really like the idea that we as humans are constantly learning. Whether you know it or not we learn, figure things out or become aware of new things on a daily basis and this is what really excites me. I don't know about you guys but I know that as I've grown...
  18. Breaka

    Tools and tool kits.

    Ok so here's the story. I've been working on bikes (amongst other things) with pretty shit tools for years and I'm growing sick of it. I know that there are a few mechanics, toolmakers (looking in the NCR's direction) and all round handymen on here which may be able to help me in choosing the...
  19. Breaka

    Sleep: How much do you get a day?

    So I've been peeking an average of around 5 and 1/2 hours of sleep per night for about a week now and it really isn't doing me any good. I don't find it that difficult to get up and go to work (start work at 6am most days), the problem is more to do with how I cope at work. Lack of...
  20. Breaka

    Breaka's A PHOTO A DAY 12/6/08

    This is a very cool concept and I want to keep it alive and kicking. My photo's aren't the best and I was stressing to get them because I don't actually have a camera myself. It was meant to be Lemontimes day today but we swapped, thanks Harry. Riding Photo: New bike. It's different...