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  1. tkdbboy

    VIC Black Mid School BMX Sprocket

    Item: Mid School BMX Sprocket. Crank mount. Black. 36 or 38t Location: anywhere happy to pay shipping Item Condition: new or used Price and price conditions: depending on condition Extra Info: fixing up a mate's dirt jumper (2002 Norco One25) and replacing bent sprocket
  2. tkdbboy

    VIC SOLD Rockshox Lyrik / Yari 180mm Air Spring - Non Debonair SOLD

    SOLD Item: Rockshox Lyrik / Yari 180mm Air Spring - Non Debonair Location: Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Item Condition: Single ride usage Reason for selling: Went Debonair Price and price conditions: $20 + buyer pays shipping SOLD
  3. tkdbboy

    VIC 26" Wheelset. 20x100 135xQR FOUND

    FOUND Item: 26" Wheelset. 100x20 135xQR. Shimano Freehub Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on condition / build ... $100-$250
  4. tkdbboy

    Padded Shorts

    Gents, I'm in the market for some padded shorts ... really its a liner with outer leg, hip and coccyx padding would be nice too. Would be chucking my normal riding shorts over them. Gooch padding for seat isn't important as its just for shuttle days. Anyone used these? If so, which ones and...
  5. tkdbboy

    VIC Rockshox Super Deluxe Spring

    Item: Rockshox Super Deluxe 300lb or 350lb 174mm Spring for 75mm stroke shock Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: $30? Extra Info: Want it before this weekend to test it out at Bright as my 450lb one gives only 20% sag, otherwise will just order and play the waiting game
  6. tkdbboy

    Pump Tracks Victoria

    Hey guys, Just wondering where the pump tracks are nowadays around Victoria? Would be good to get an up to date list incase I'm unknowingly in the area of one. Off the top of my head I can only think of Langwarrin, Red Hill and Lysterfield ... but I'm not in the know with this realm of riding...
  7. tkdbboy

    GoPro Hero 2018 Hack

    Just came across this which may be useful to some. Pretty much you can turn the 2018 GoPro Hero (which looks like a basic Hero) into a GoPro Hero 5 Black You can find these for about $230 to...
  8. tkdbboy

    AM The Big, Black and Thick German

    OK so I may have exaggerated on the 'big' part as its no 29er ... but I'm coming from a 26er so it's relative! After a few months of window shopping, forum trawling and test riding ... I finally pulled the trigger on a new steed. In regards to the purchase process, Canyon was great. No hidden...
  9. tkdbboy

    VIC DT 36t or 54t Ratchets

    Item: DT 36t or 54t Ratchet Location: Melbourne. Happy to pay for post Price: Depends on condition and which one Just seeing if anyone has either lying around that is decent to new condition before I pull the trigger on new ones. Grease and springs are a bonus but not mandatory
  10. tkdbboy

    Debonair Air Spring Upgrade Compatibility List

    Didn't know they made the upgrade available to quite a few Rockshox models, even to 2014. May be of use to anyone considering the upgrade (Approx $60) Source:
  11. tkdbboy

    Formula Hubs

    Hey guys, Anyone used formula hubs in recent years? I haven't heard or found much recently user info on them and remember them being not so great. They come on a lot of Commencal bikes (even the top spec in some models) so maybe something has changed about them that makes them a good choice...
  12. tkdbboy

    Next bike. Submit your thoughts!

    Hey fellas, In the market for a new bike to replace my 2011 Enduro. My riding recently consists of 50% Enduro, 25% DH, 5% Park and 20% Trail riding. Specifically Youies, Red Hill, Buxton, Lysterfield, Maydena & Bright. Planning to do NZ and Whistler. In short , I need an aggressive do it all...
  13. tkdbboy

    VIC Random goodies

    Hey guys, Got some spare / no longer needed items for sale. All located in Melbourne eastern suburbs. Item: Truvativ Crank Arm Bolt - 11.6900.002.160 Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Don't need it Price and price conditions: $10 Item: Elixir CR/R/5 Lever Internals Item Condition...
  14. tkdbboy

    Zee Germans Shopping - Split shipping

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get some gear (ergon backpack, IXS pads, bits n bobs) from Bike-Discount but the shipping is $40 AUD flat. Just wondering if any Melbournites need to grab anything off there and want to split shipping? As this has it's risks, this is more targeted at the frequent...
  15. tkdbboy

    2018 RS vs Fox Suspension

    Hey guys, Had my eyes on a Canyon Torque or YT Capra recently. Currently just zero-ing in a build of either and just want some opinions on this year's suspension comparison. Generally the Fox is a bit more $$$ but comes with a few extra goodies (better wheels and brakes) so am happy to stretch...
  16. tkdbboy

    Most noticeable cockpit adjustment

    Hey guys, Been recently messing around with my cockpit as I've had some wrist pain and looks like I've alleviated it. Ended up rotating my bars forward a little and dipping brake levers a smidge. Just wondering what cockpit adjustment (even if its just a minor adjustment or a whole part swap)...
  17. tkdbboy

    VIC FOUND - Pike Solo Air Top Cap 35mm

    Item: Pike Solo Air Top Cap 35mm Location: Eastern Suburbs Melbourne Price range/Willing to pay: They're $25 new so $15? Extra info: Trying volume spacers on my 2011 Lyrik
  18. tkdbboy

    AM So Stinky 2008

    Came a across a frame, fork and shock for sale ad late last year which conveniently were the parts I needed to make a complete bike from my spare parts. A few weekends later, she's been stripped, cleaned, bearings replaced, forks & brakes rebuilt and now she's good to ride. Frame - 2008 Kona...
  19. tkdbboy

    VIC Fox DHX RC4 8.5 x 2.5 (216x63)

    Item: Fox DHX RC4 8.5 x 2.5 (216x63) Condition: Not busted Price: $100ish depending on condition and history Location: Melb Eastern Suburbs Other info: Don't mind whether its the skinny or fat shaft series. Let me know whatever model you have.
  20. tkdbboy

    VIC Thule ProRide 598 Roof Bike Carrier

    Item: Thule ProRide 598 Roof Bike Carrier Location: Eastern Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: $150 Extra Info: Good working order preferred with everything that came with it in the box