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  1. boyracer

    Creaking seatpost advice - options

    Grab some brass shimming sheet. Would be better than cokecan.
  2. boyracer

    MotoGP 2019

    Base 10 birthday coming up for me. Missus asked what i was thinking i would like to do. I said i would like to go to IOM and a continental GP. She replied "that's good but what is there for me to do?" I replied "oh, you want to come too?"
  3. boyracer

    Tubeless Rim Tape Advice

    Did a set last night after i pulled about 20 big thorns out of a set of panarancer tyres on the commuter. Been putting Stans inside tubes for a while as LBS wanted 50 bucks for long Tubeless valves ...11 dollars online. Bear brand blue tape cut to right width. Quick wipe with meths. I use an...
  4. boyracer

    Private school v public schools, where’d you go, where you send your youngsters?

    I'm a teacher. I returned to uni' after 30 years on the tools and in self employment. Just started my first permanent position out of Uni at a Catholic owned school that specialises in tech studies and does not push religion or ideologies on the kids, just manners and community spirit. I've...
  5. boyracer

    ACT Dt 470 rims

  6. boyracer

    Shimano BB bearings

    Where are you? I bought a box of bearings from CBC ( cheaper than individually if > 2 are needed). I made a drift from alloy stock and used a large socket to press out old ones. Then reverse process to refit. If you don't have (access to) workshop facilities with a press you would be better...
  7. boyracer

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Broke a carbon crank on CX commuter and didn't rag. extra ration of beer tonight! GT
  8. boyracer

    The Tool Thread

    ^^ laser cutter FTW Know any high school teachers? ( still loads of work to draw/scan the tools in CAD though). I did one in a violin case a few yonks ago for chef's knives. Also one in a commmodore 64 case I turned into a hinged knifecase...
  9. boyracer

    Gravey more than just tomato sauce as special ingredient, Rude a bit rich with his explanation.

    I took some a few years back - genuine TDF grade pharma. 6 weeks of intramuscular thigh injections every few days for myself and a mate. We killed it on the bike for ages ( like a year or so) but as 'training' faltered for a bit (a flu or some shit /extra hours at work meant a few weeks off)...
  10. boyracer

    The Fixie Thread

    You running the standard brazed flat crown fork? Brakeless? Says on website 38's (as above) maximum with caliper brake.
  11. boyracer


    I'm in Unley about 3 km from CBD and 5 -6 km from Hindmarsh. Unley or Goodwood would be my pick. Not 'close' to beach though @ 9 kms... I used to fast fixie commute to beachside Glenelg in < 20 minutes...flat as fuck. I ride up Cross road or Greenhill to access the hills, the start of...
  12. boyracer

    Little Things You Love

    Found my mower on a hard rubbish pile and towed it home about 2 km with my spare tube whilst commuting. An old 1960's mulching Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke. Starts first time, oil changed occasionally, been mowing my 1/4 acre for 8 years now. Then there's this...
  13. boyracer

    What are you listening to NOW?

    Writing job applications sux.
  14. boyracer

    MotoGP 2019

    I wish channel ten would show the moto 2's and 3's...some cracker races been going on in the lower classes. At least my Bahasa Indonesian is getting better watching youtube highlights...
  15. boyracer

    The Single Speed Thread

    Have one built for you? Gellie do sweet looking fillet brazed steel.
  16. boyracer

    What do your kids ride?

    Anyone done suspension removal on a 20"? The GT 20" (thanks again Moorey) Mr.9 has been riding is going to Ms.7 who is 1/2 his weight. Thinking of replacing steel suspension fork with one of these 'suspension corrected' carbon forks to lose 2 kegs off bike weight. Angles and A to C work out...
  17. boyracer

    The Fixie Thread

    Anyone riding fixed with 35 mm plus tyres? What frames are suitable? My ride to work bike is an older steel Kenevans with 28mm tyres maximum. I really like the ride of my new 38mm panaracers on the CX, so thinking of upgrade frame/fork. Ideally 700C / 120mm OLN because i have lots of nicely...
  18. boyracer

    Riding in/around Loxton SA?

    Sort of in the neighbourhood...Apparently they put on a good race. mountainless bike club
  19. boyracer

    Chain Lube

    I used xylene, paraffin oil, white spirit and solid paraffin. I got given the recipe by a bloke at SS race at Woodend. Basically melt some candles add the rest in similar proportions by weight. Adjust to suit your preferences and local temperatures. If it is too thick add more solvent. I got a...
  20. boyracer

    Chain Lube

    Made my own wax based lube a while back. Melted parrafin and solvent mix. It works a treat. I was commuting 300 + kms for a while (with gravel and dirt) and chain still clean and quiet. use on Moto chain too. I bought base product to make about 20 years worth for the price of a couple bottles...