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  1. Hellyeah

    QLD Sold

    Item: SOLD Location:Brisbane southside Item Condition:used Reason for selling:money Price and price conditions:$700 plus post Extra Info:German made focus SAM frameset in large size matte black in colour with red lettering, is used with a few scuffs but still a...
  2. Hellyeah

    Carbon scratches, to ride or not?

    So what do think chaps? Do I ride them or not??
  3. Hellyeah

    Sold SOLD

    Item: 2014/2015 Transition Covert 26" or 27.5", Large and green/black colour Location: Brisbane Southside Item Condition: Used, normal wear and tear priced as such Reason for selling: she's been sitting around for the last year or two looking pretty so someone else can have the pleasure Price...
  4. Hellyeah

    DtSwiss Centrelock Brake Adaptors

    Item: DtSwiss Centrelock Brake adaptors Location: Australia........ anywhere Price range/Willing to Pay: $20-$30 Extra Info: Sell me your adaptors
  5. Hellyeah

    QLD WTB SDG Patriot saddle/seat with rails or similar bmx seat/saddle

    Item:*as title Location: Australia Item*Condition: Newer the better Extra*Info: i'll give ya a pat on the back/handshake in return or i'll just swing ya some cash instead
  6. Hellyeah

    Sold SOLD

    Item:* 2015 NS BIKES Snabb E Medium size Red/Black in colour Location: Southside Brisbane QLD Item*Condition: As new Reason*for*selling: Injuries, a tradie with only one hand is a slow tradie Price*and*price*conditions: $1000 posted or pick-up Extra*Info: This is my spare frame that I've...
  7. Hellyeah

    QLD sold focused Focus Sam 1

    Item: Focus Sam 1 frameset, large in size Location: Southside Brisbane Item Condition: Bought on the 22/12/2015 with 10 rides to it's name, so almost like new apart from 2 cable rubs on the bottom of the BB Reason for selling: Surplus Price and price conditions: $1400........bargain...
  8. Hellyeah


    Item: Large 27.5 dual suspension frame around 5" travel Location: prefer SE Queensland but where ever Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends around $1000 Extra Info: doesn't matter what brand, I just snapped my chainstay and about to go on holidays
  9. Hellyeah

    WTB Transition Bandit 26" Large or Medium

    Item: Transition Bandit 26" Item Condition: Reasonable Price and price conditions: cheapish Extra Info: Large or Medium, 135mm or 142mm rear spacing
  10. Hellyeah

    Can a Australian be sued from another country?

    Legal question folks, as above can I be sued by someone from another country?? Not internet related
  11. Hellyeah


    So-the-two-best-teams-come-out-on-top....and-they're-both-from-Queensland!! It's-only-win-win!!!! I'd-like-to-take-this-opportunity-to-say-suck-a-bag-of-d--ks-NSW
  12. Hellyeah

    QLD Sold, Banshee Spitfire

    Item:2015 Banshee Spitfire, large size, black anodised colour, 27.5 dropouts Location:Brisbane southside Item Condition:Like new, bugger all use Reason for selling:I have a house that comes first Price and price conditions:$1500 plus post Extra Info:comes with headset (installed) flip...
  13. Hellyeah

    QLD sold-Deity Mohawk Carbon DH Bars

    Item: Deity Mohawk carbon bars Location: Brisbane, southside Item Condition: Very good, like new. Set up once and ridden around the street then taken off Reason for selling: Not for me, like higher rise Price and price conditions: $150 plus post Extra Info: These are Deity's carbon DH...
  14. Hellyeah

    Reverb Stealth questions

    So as the title says Reverb stealth question thread me first, I just got a new frame and am looking to run the Reverb stealth post since it has the internal routing thing. It looks like the new one tops out at 125mm can this be adjusted, spaced, shimmed ect so it tops out at 100mm?? Please...
  15. Hellyeah

    QLD SOLD 2011 Giant Anthem X Frame

    Item: 2011 Giant Anthem X frame, medium or 18" Location: Southside Brisbane, Daisy Hill Item Condition: Pretty good, couple of stone chips Reason for selling: Cleaning the house Price and price conditions: $500 + post Extra Info: I bought the frame 2 years ago to set up a light weight...
  16. Hellyeah


    Item: Fox Rp23 200mm eye to eye Location: I'm in Brisbane, Daisy Hill Item Condition: Working at least Reason for purchase: Building a old school Reign Price and price conditions: You're call
  17. Hellyeah

    QLD SOLD Transition bottlerocket PICS

    Item: 2008 Transition BottleRocket, Medium size Location: Southside Brisbane 4128 Item Condition: Excellent, no dints, no cracks, no scratches Reason for selling: New car coming soon Price and price conditions: $1200 posted anywhere in AUS. can meet Brissy or Goldie locals for a show and...
  18. Hellyeah

    E-Thirteen DRS

    Item: E-Thirteen Dual Ring System Price range/Willing to Pay: Cheap please Extra Info: 36 tooth or under prefered and would like just the back plate but i'll buy the whole unit if need be. Need the plate to be straight otherwise don't really care on condition.
  19. Hellyeah

    DT Swiss 240 or 340 hub, maybe wheels

    Item: Dt Swiss 240 or 340 hub, maybe wheels Location: I'm at Brissy but will buy anywhere in Aus Price range/Willing to Pay: Seller names it Extra Info: Need 135mm and six bolt rear, 10mm axle would be perfect, 15mm or 20mm front with both hubs having a 32 spoke hole count. Good...
  20. Hellyeah

    QLD WTB Air sprung Fork like Fox (36,32) Float, Talas or RockShox Lyrik

    Item: Fork, air sprung, Fox (36,32) Talas, Float or RockShox Lyrik Location: Prefer from Brissy but willing to pay post Price range/Willing to Pay: Around 500.....preferably less Extra Info: Must be in good "working" condition, 15 or 20mm axle, 1/8 steerer around 200mm long and air...