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  1. Miguel75

    WTB - unloved/busted Charger damper

    Item: - RS Charger damper Location: - Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: - Let’s chat Extra Info: - I’m keen to learn how to service my Charger damper and figure if anyone has an unused/busted one laying around, it’ll be better than potentially screwing up mine...
  2. Miguel75

    Bright shuttles this weekend

    Anyone else doing some Bright shuttles this Saturday? I'm planning to head up there and have some fun and it might be fun to put some names to bikes i see on here... I'll be on a Black hardtail with a girls (blue/orange) Bell super2R:) maybe see you there:)
  3. Miguel75

    Birthday suprise for the young bloke

    Finally built up a bike for my son. He’s been riding my daughter’s bike for the last few months and as of tomorrow he’ll have a new bike for his birthday... I purchased the frame off Plankosaurus and then stripped the blue paint off it, prepped it, etched it, primed it and painted it. I was...
  4. Miguel75

    WTB - Hope seat clamp 31.8

    Item: Hope 31.8 seatclamp in Red or Black Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: Show me what you have Extra Info: I'm building up a bike for my son and bought a red Hope seatclamp. Turns out in my moment of buying ecstasy I somehow selected a 28.6 instead of 31.8. Can't be bothered...
  5. Miguel75

    VIC WTB Hope BB tool and brake adapter

    Item: Hope bottom bracket tool and “G” IS to post mount adapter Location: I’m in Vic but willing to pay shipping Price range/Willing to Pay: let me know what you have Extra Info: I love lamp...
  6. Miguel75

    BB for Hope crankset

    Hi team, I’m getting a Hope crankset and will eventually grab a hope bottom bracket though as an intermediary step I’m looking for something less expensive. Will a Sram bb30 fit the bill on a bike with a standard 68/73 screw type bb? Any suggestions for other inexpensive bb’s that work well?
  7. Miguel75

    VIC FOUND - Saint or Zee cranks

    Item: Saint or Zee cranks 165-170mm Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: $100 though happy to negotiate. Extra Info: non boost bottom bracket
  8. Miguel75

    VIC WTB QR rear wheel - 27.5

    Item: 27.5 rear wheel (qr) Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: up to $100 Extra Info: Let me know what you have, doesn’t need to be flash, just true and good condition.
  9. Miguel75

    VIC WTB 26” wheel set

    Item: - 26” wheel set F 15x100 R qr Location: - Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: - Show me what you’ve got up to $200. Extra Info: - For my son’s new bike build. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just true and not abused.
  10. Miguel75

    VIC FOUND - WTB Reverb bleed kit

    Item: Reverb bleed kit Location: Anywhere, happy to pay for postage Item Condition: Good - New Price and price conditions: Depends on quality of your goods Extra Info: I like sunset walks Pictures: Not yet
  11. Miguel75

    VIC FOUND WTB S frame

    Item: S frame Location: Vic Price range/Willing to Pay: Up to $350 Extra Info: looking for a small frame, doesn’t bother me if it’s a HT or FS. Please let me know what you have. (moved from "stale" WTB area)
  12. Miguel75

    Specialized Stumpjumper clunk

    hi brains trust, my mate recently (6 months ago) bought a brand new Specalized stumpjumper and really enjoys it but there’s an intermittent clunk that happens when under load. He’s taken it back to the store and they’ve pulled everything apart, removed the BB, cranks, pulled apart the rear...
  13. Miguel75

    VIC Swap - M820 for Hope

    Hey gang, after using Saints, Zee and V4’s yesterday I’ve decided I much prefer Hope brakes. So I’m looking to swap my Saints (M820) brakes for a set of Hope E4 or V4. They’re on my daughters bike and in perfect condition as she doesn’t really ride. Not too fazed by color though black would be...
  14. Miguel75

    The death of riding innocence

    In the last few years I’ve started riding again. I’ve always loved riding hard tails and built up a bike (I thought) would keep me on my toes and provide the love that was missing from my cold, black heart. And it did, until today! I’m up at Ignition and all my friends are riding FS bikes. So...
  15. Miguel75

    Wheel building: spoke size confirmation

    Hi all, I'm building a set of 24" wheels for my 8yr old and have calculated the following spoke length based on the spoke calculator. I'm using a Hope Pro2 evo front hub, and the above site had the hub details in a drop down, though the only details I could find for the...
  16. Miguel75

    Pike DPA: change from 150-160mm

    Hi team, I’m looking to upgrade my fork in the near future. I currently ride a 150mm RCT3 Pike DPA, and have no complaints, though am thinking of going to 160mm with the new fork. There’s no real reason I need 160mm of travel, though like the idea of having it there in case I need it. There...
  17. Miguel75

    VIC WTB: QR hubs, front & rear or Hope pro 2 evo rear

    Hi gang, I'm after some cheap and cheerful QR hubs for my son's new wheelset. Failing that I'll take a Hope pro 2 evo rear... Anyone got anything floating around they'd sell? Cheers, Mike
  18. Miguel75

    Mobil XHP 222

    Anyone know where to get some of the above grease locally in Melbourne? I'm not having any local luck though have found some at Lowes (Brisbane and Sydney) though they'll charge quite a bit for shipping.
  19. Miguel75

    Hanger alignment tool

    Hey gang, anyone find they use a hanger alignment tool often? I've had a few issues with my shifting and am thinking it might be worthwhile getting an alignment tool to play with. For those who do own one, do you find it a worthwhile tool to own?
  20. Miguel75

    WTB: m820 mode converter

    Hey gang, I recently purchased an M820 Saint RD and unfortunately the mode converter is lost. Does anyone have one they’re interested in selling? EDIT: Also looking for a 30t chainring for my wife’s Zee cranks. Black is fine, purple is finer;)