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    I need a new gym - Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

    Ok so. I'm a little over commercial gyms. After a few recent warnings about deadlifting, shoulder pain from old rusty bars that don't even spin and my own general elitism, I feel like it's time for me to find a real gym. Is anyone aware of/can recommend a good gym where they wont get mad...
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    NSW Sold

    ITEM: 650B / 27.5 Schwalbe Nobby Nic tyres PRICE: $20 each CONDITION: Done about 30km, basically brand new LOCATION: Sydney OTHER: they're light and fast rolling, wanted something a bit different though. tubeless ready apparently pictures if anyone is interested
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    NSW Sold

    ITEM: SLX+ (the one with the clutch - no chain slap!) 10 speed rear derailleur with Deore shifter LOCATION: Sydney, happily post at buyers expense CONDITION: Literally ridden 10km, pulled off my new bike PRICE: The price for this new from CRC is $110... so $80ono. No splitting. OTHER...
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    Giant Anthem / Front Derailleur

    I'm looking at buying a front mech for my 2010 Anthem x3... I have no idea what to get! Any help? It's 9 speed rear, and looking at getting an XT or SLX front mech. If someone could lead me in the right direction for top pull/swing or whatever that is... I just need to know the specs so I...
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    New bikes! woop... Leaf Cycles etc

    I'm too lazy to write anything, so I'll just paste my blog post "So last week I was sitting on Facebook, as I do. I tend to do that sometimes... I noticed a guy I went to school with was selling an STP0 for around $500. I...
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    The Speed Camera Lottery Thought it was interesting.
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    My Pad... ♥ ...04-11-10

    Riding: Patto is a bawwwwwwws ! Portrait: Mid-flight: Didn't get a chance to shoot what I wanted for this one unfortunately, just imagine it was a guy in a green-man suit jumping from tree to tree. COOL, how amazing is that?! Ps. Benn Pigot is also amazing. Architecture: Did...
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    Sydney city street ride...

    It's been too long since I've had a good city ride... I can't even remember the last Farkin-organised one! We need to organise a date/time for this... Who is keen?
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    Website gurus, I can has halp? Ok, so. Can somebody explain to me why ...shifts position between the two pages? Annoying the shit out of me... =[
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    Chatswood in BW.
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    NSW Sold.

    Item: 2007 Iron Horse Azure Location: Sydney Item Condition: Good, serviced recently. Reason for selling: Not used anymore. Price and price conditions: $1000 Extra Info: A couple scratches, but this is to be expected... Barely ridden. Spec: Mavic ex721 front and rear on stock hubs...
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    Fishy eye'd at Thornleigh.

    photos taken down
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    My Leaf DLX is almost as good as Patto's!

    :D I saw patto's post and couldn't resist... Been running this setup for the last 6 or 7 months and love it! cannot fault it. Leaf got it right with this frame ;). And a shot from this arvo :)
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    Computer nerds: is there something wrong with my HTML?

    Safari vs. Firefox Can anyone explain?
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    Photo a Day VI - 12/5

    A few minutes early, but whatev's. Didn't really get all the shots I wanted, but run at me, I did okay. I had a few other shots I was going to use but was too eager and showed people so couldn't use them. =*[ 1. Riding 2. Transportation Dunno how he got there?! 3. Portait...
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    Kurrajong Freeride comp - Highlights

    taken down because people cannot be trusted.
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    Probs as cool as Patto, if not cooler. ...patto is cool

    Ben Phillips is GUD. phailedz Barrz Jervis is also cool...
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    PadpadPAD ... 5-11-09

    Otay. Due to a few camera/weather/time issues I didn't manage to get all the shots I wanted, so had to grab some from the archives... Riding: I wish I was as cool as the man in this photo, as he went to the extended effort of writing a story for each photo. That's about it. This was...
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    DJ Leaf Cycles - Concept DLX.

    Huuuuge thanks to Matt @ CTN for building my wheel late last night and picking my other up early this morning just in time to finish the bike before I came around. Obligatory spam: So here it is. Would have taken more ...but my camera broke, fuuuuuuuuu. *forks...
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    Emancipate halloween jam, yo.

    Pretty average but chyeaah. also posted in phat snaps, but thought bmx would appreciate better...