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    NSW 2018 Evil Insurgent - Medium

    Hi, is this still available?
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    Moving to Townsville, need advice.

    I second that, I find that Matt's shop is the best in Townsville, he looks after his customers, actually carry's MTB stock and has sharp pricing on his gear.
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    Atherton Tablelands

    Ok Cheers, thanks for the info.
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    Moving to Townsville, need advice.

    Hi, I would suggest a long travel 29ner, 150-160mm 26 inch trail bike (something not too slack that you can pedal uphill, or if your up with the times go with a 650b 150ish bike (probably the best of both.) Also i would go at least a 34mm stanchion fork to deal with the endless rock gardens.
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    Trek Fuel EX 8 Fork and Shock Setup ?

    Hi, My experience is very similar, i found the DRCV hard to tune, i would set it up to be nice and plush for the small bump response but then found that it would dive a lot under braking or on large rock gardens. Then i would up the pressure to handle the bigger stuff and found the ride...
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    Hello! Welcome! Who are you?

    New member How old are you? 35 What state do you live? Townsville, N/th QLD How long have you been riding? 6 months Whats styles of riding do you do? XC, trail, How often do you ride? 3/week Tell us about your bike/s? 2013 trek remedy 8, xfusion slant, rental fat bars, straight line silent...
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    Atherton Tablelands

    Hi guys, I'm from Townsville and am keen to come up and try some of these trails! I have researching them on the net and they look great. Is it ok to just rock and ride or do you need to arrange it first? The kids are into BMX and i was thinking of making it a long weekend of camping, BMX...