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  1. Cardy George

    Shock Replacement - Turner 5 Spot

    Ok, I need schooling in modern shock technology. The Turner arrived with a DNM coil shock, and it's doing everything that a $160 shock does, i.e. ⅘ of fuck all. So with a bit of Google fondling, I've found the FOX RP23 is what's most commonly found on them, but the 2013 5 Spots were delivered...
  2. Cardy George

    Found: 36t 2x11 XT Chainring

    Item: 36t XT 2x chainring, preferably unused Location: Wherever you lay your hat Price range/Willing to Pay: paid $25 last time, state your price Extra Info: paid 25 clams for a removed before ridden 26/36 set, still haven't needed the 26t. $70 will get me a shiny new 36t in a box. Will also...
  3. Cardy George

    Recommend a carbon XC rim

    My 29" DT Swiss XMC 12OO rims took a hell of a beating at the Odyssey. The front was definitely not straight, and has some nasty wrinkles on the side wall. The rear isn't as bad, but it's there, and being carbon, I don't trust them and I can't afford the $3k to replace like-for-like. The...
  4. Cardy George

    Interest rate advice

    Our home loan fixed rate term has come to an end. Made the calls, talked to the people. Now we have to decide if we want: 3.03% for 2 years or 3.14% for 5 years I don't know enough about the economy to make the decision. Do we save cash in the short term, or have some security for a bit...
  5. Cardy George

    Adelaide trails for a 10 year old

    Doing a Father-Son trip to Adelaide for the Procaliber frame swap and picking up a new bike for Middle Brother while we're there. I want to take him out but don't know where will be appropriate. He's competent, but not necessarily confident, and will be on a bigger and newer bike. Where...
  6. Cardy George

    Electric Vehicles etc

    I've started this thread to learn about EVs and the like. I don't know the important facts about them, not enough to form an opinion anyway. I'm probably most curious about how effective they'll be in a rural/regional environment. So, discuss......
  7. Cardy George

    XC Training

    So this racing thing has taken hold, and I'm annoyingly close to the front of the field. Problem is I don't know what to focus on first to improve my position in the pack. Is it pure strength? Aerobic capacity? Muscle endurance? The only MTB focussed info I can find here, or anywhere, is either...
  8. Cardy George

    Where to buy 2x chainrings

    Using XT M8000 at the moment but really not fussed so long as they're 26-36t. Could maybe be tempted to change cranks, but they'd need to damn near pedal themselves. I really only need, and would prefer to, only replace the 36t, but everywhere I find has ridiculous postage. I'd counter that by...
  9. Cardy George

    Insert Name Here

    Given recent events, my interwebz name is not really appropriate for, well, anything really. I was planning to ride it out, there has to be other poor schmucks in the real with the same name. Anyway, after bringing Mrs George up to speed, it has been decided a change is needed. Not wanted...
  10. Cardy George

    GM designs an e-bike

    Doesn't look too bad, for something that won't see dirt. This could bring the power of the auto companies to help even the car/bike balance. Or it could further the divide
  11. Cardy George

    New East Coast Tassie trails

    A new trail destination for Tasmania
  12. Cardy George

    NSW Pink Slip: What do they look for?

    Grandpa's rego has run out, and as it's over 5 years old and on the written-off register it needs a safety check. It needs a new spare, CV boot, and the muffler tip is a bit wobbly. Is there anything else I need to worry about?
  13. Cardy George

    Am I liable if Grandpa crashes his car (again)

    Back story is my Grandpa has just turned 90, is a fiercely proud, fiercely stubborn man, and lives 20km from Mildura, the main town in the region. The problem is his driving has been steadily declining over the last few years. Started off by driving over garden beds. Eighteen months ago he...
  14. Cardy George

    Trek Procaliber 9.8 SL

    As the first new MTB in 18 years, I knew I'd have to raise my expectations, but fuck me. So fast, so capable. I'm riding through things I avoided when I was 15 and fearless. I was glad I was riding solo on the first day, it was a little embarrassing. Just couldn't think fast enough to keep up...
  15. Cardy George

    Homebrew sealant on carbon rims long term

    I've searched, I've read most of the Tubeless Mega Thread, I can't find anything about using Homebrew Sealant on carbon for an extended period. As this bike has to and/or will be used as is for a very long time, I want to know if it will cause damage. It's already tubeless, and I've used...
  16. Cardy George

    Bikes insured with RACV Contents

    So it turns out I've been riding a completely uninsured bike for the last three weeks. Since mid 2015 I've (supposedly) had my road bike insured as an away from home item listed on our contents insurance. No problems there. Fast forward to last month when I added my shiny new hardtail to the...
  17. Cardy George

    G'day from Cardy George

    Hey peeps, after many attempts I can finally join the party. Huge props to @Scott for a) putting up with my frustration, yet still letting me in and b) doing the behind the scenes dance to make it happen. I'm riding the far north corner of Victoria, where's it's so flat I've done the...