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  1. itrance05

    Wsmtb 4hr stans notubes summer series 2010-11

    Well boys and girls here we are once again it's time to get your game on for the WSMTB 4hr Series,with Christmas just around the corner it's a good chance to catch up with mates for one last hit out for the year and what better way to do it than the 4hr series as the first one is the twilight...
  2. itrance05

    Wsmtb "working bee/track day"saturday 10th..."sorry for late notice"

    Hi people's There will be a working bee/track day for yellomundi this weekend sat 10th Sorry i know it is late notice, The track really only needs grass cutting done and a little pruning here and there. if you are being a wiper sniper make sure that you have LONG PANTS EYE PROTECTION...
  3. itrance05

    Lower mountains riders

    Hey guys,i'm new to this forum and looking to meet fello riders to ride with as it gets a little boring riding by if anyone's keen to have me tag along let me know.