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    VIC WTB: Hope Pro 2 Evo HG(Shimano) Freehub/driver

    Item: WTB: Hope Pro 2 Evo HG(Shimano) Freehub/driver Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Good condition Used/ New Reason for selling: Price and price conditions: Open to offers Extra Info: I have a Sram hub on there at present and am willing to swap.
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    Will XT M8000 GS (Medium Cage) 11 speed derailleur fit 11-46?

    Hi guys, Need some real world advice from someone who has actually done this install. There's lots of conflicting opinions on the internet but would be great to hear from someone who can give me some experienced advice. I have the medium cage already and the 11-46, 11 speed cassette. Do I...
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    24" MTB tyre

    Hi Looking to replace the tyre on my son's Giant xtc JR 24 disc. We ride Youies, lysterfield, Wombat and Forrest. Finding it hard to find a decent tyre for a decent price that's actually in stock. Found these on CRC and before I pull the pin on them thought I'd ask around here.Schwalbe Black...