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    NSW 2018 Evil Insurgent - Medium

    Item: 2018 Evil Insurgent - Medium Location: Hunters Hill, NSW Item Condition: Great Condition - Light scuffs, brakes need a bleed. Reason for selling: No time to ride Price and price conditions: $4750.00 Extra Info:[/b Rockshox Pike Air 160mm RaceFace Atlas Bars & Stem FSA Headset XT Brakes...
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    Smash repairers/Machinists/Truck drivers or anyone with an opinion.

    Hi Guys, Today on my way home from work, I did something stupid... Ran up a truck drivers ass.. Not my brightest moment. My car and the truck where still both drivable, nobody hurt. The only damage to his truck was a bend in the rear bumper, below the hydraulic lift. Driver and I...
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    NSW sold

    Item: POC VPD 2.0 Knee Guards Size Small Location: Hills District Item Condition: Near New, Tried on once. Reason for selling: Too Small Price and price conditions: $100 ONO Extra Info: Got a medium size, best guards I've ever used. Comfortable and minimal shifting around when riding. No...
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    SOLDSOLD sold
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    Which Derailleur for a 2008 Specialized Epic

    Hi Guys, My Brother has just picked up an Epic frame and is building it up. Can anyone recommend a front derailleur? From what I've read it needs a clamped derailleur I'm just unsure if they differ sizes (diameter of clamp) and wether it matters how many rings he'll be running. He'll be...
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    Whistler Winter 12/13

    Did a search and could find anything covering the coming snow season in whistler. Myself and a couple of buddies are heading to the mountain mid january for three weeks of boarding, I'm just looking for advice on accommodation. HI-Whistler and Fireside Lodge are the two spots I'm considering...
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    Help me find my next machine.

    G'day burners, since june 2008 I've been riding a Specialized Pitch. When I bought it, it was more or less an XC bike labeled "all mountain". Being a young fellow it was natural for me to have complete and total disregard for my safety. So i took it upon myself to ride this bike...
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    Need help servicing an X-Fusion 02.

    Good evening burners'. I am just wondering wether anyone knows where I could find an X-fusion servicing manual or if anyone with the right amount of detailed knowledge would like to post the steps in order for me to service my 08' X-Fusion 02. It has never been serviced and thats probably...
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    Cable Housing.

    So, someone enlighten me. I've tried a few different brands but non seems to last any longer than 4-5 months. My question to you. What is the best cable housing? Why? How long did you use it before you had to replace it?
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    Please delete.

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    Falls Creek In the Winter.

    I've just got word that my family are going to falls creek for ten days in about three weeks time. I'm not much of a skier/boarder and was considering taking my bike. Has anyone had any experience with snow riding? Is it worth taking a bike or is it all too hard? Any advice is appreciated.
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    Fox 36 Talas - Travel Adjust not working.

    G'day burners I purchase a Fox 36 Talas fork back last october. About two days ago I went to decrease the travel (from 130mm to 100mm) and there was no change. Also there was hardly a change when i changed the dial from 160mm to 130mm.The forks a working fine, they just won't adjust from...
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    If I was to work in a bike shop...?

    If I was to work in a bike shop would I be obligated to by the band of bike they sell? For instance if i were to get a job at an Avanti+ bike shop, would It be inappropriate for me to buy a transition TR450 over a specialized Demo 8 etc. I am looking at working in a shop for a year or so after...
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    Fox Transition Vs. TSG Evolution Vs. Pro-Tec B2/classic Vs. POC Receptor.

    After years of riding with XC style helmets, I've decided to take a step in a different direction. The "skate style" helmet of whatever the shit it's called seems worth giving a whirl but never owning one before I'm not quite sure where to start. If anyone has any recommendations, advice...
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    All Rounder Tyres

    I've had a search but couldn't find much relevant. So, I'm looking for a set of tyres that suit the "all mountain" category, I have been running specialized Eskars for 18 months now and I'm looking for something different. Just like everything I'd want them to be relatively light and...
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    DH UCI Rule Change. *PETITION*

    I'm not sure if this has already been posted, I just found it on Pinkbike, This year, the UCI has changed back the rules about wearing the National Champion's Jersey. A National Champion will now have to wear the National Champs jersey in ALL timed runs, and on the podium. Look inside...
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    NSW Fox Flux Camo Small----SOLD

    Sold sold sold
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    Dave's Specialized Pitch

    Frame - 08' Specialized Pitch Blue Rear shock - X-Fusion Front shock/fork - Fox 36 Talas RC2 Handlebars - Raceface Atlas FR Stem - Syncros FR Headset - Canecreek S1 Grips - ODI- Ruffian Saddle - Specialized Enduro Seatpost - Specialized Enduro Front brake -Juicy 5 203mm Rear brake -...