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    Zerode Taniwha

    Finally have my own Taniwha. Not sure if it’s because I’ve barely ridden in two years while doing the parenting thing, but this thing is fricken awesome and stoked to be selling them. I now get why the customers rant on about how happy they are. Just need to get some fitness back. Rear end felt...
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    Reverse Components 60mm stem

    Item: Reverse Components 60mm stem Location: Canberra, can post Item Condition: was put on bike, didn't clear baby carrier so was removed. So new. Reason for selling: didn't suit my needs Price and price conditions: $55 firm buyer pays postage
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    Will boost front hub and forks to suit build stronger wheel?

    I'm stick at work and can't research it. Will fox forks with wider boost hub have less dish on disk side and therefore build a stronger more symmetrical wheel? I don't want to run semi fat tyres, just would rather a stronger front wheel.
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    You so should have bought this. You yes you. It was the most awesomest bike everz
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    You so should have bought this. You yes you. It was the most awesomest bike everz
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    ignore, I'm an idiot.
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    West Papua

    WTF is Indonisia doing there? I follow these pages on Facebook and although I don't believe everything I read or see, there's some very conserning stuff going...
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    Canfield Riot Toddler Chariot.

    Frame - Canfield Riot. Rear shock -DNM Something or Manitou something for now. Front shock/fork - Thrashed out old Fox for now. Handlebars - Reverse Components Style 76 Stem - Drom Headset - Made from bits in the drawer. Grips - ESI Saddle - Reverse Components. Seatpost - Fox. Front brake -...
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    10 speed medium cage clutched mech and shifter.

    Item: 10 speed medium cage clutched mech and shifter. Location: Australia Price range/Willing to Pay: fair second hand price Extra Info: medium cage ideally, long will do if cheap. PM me if you have one please.
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    Ignore, double post. found, sold, delete.

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    Item: Medium Zerode G2.5 frame, shock(BOS), Gearbox(Alfine 8spd), shifter, sprockets, rear Sprocket spacers, rear axle. $2000 with Boxxers. Location:ACT can post at buyers expense. Item Condition: Excellent. Had hardly any use. Reason for selling: Healing broken colar bines, getting tumor...
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    200mm shock

    Item: 200m rear shock Location:Oz Price range/Willing to Pay:cheaper than new, cheaper the better. Extra Info:PM me with what you have please.
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    Just had 4682946275 unread emails pop up on my iphone. How do you clear them?

    I don't want to open the unread message section invade it clogs my phone. So how do I clear them? They're not on any of my three specific emails or I cloud. Not sure where they are.Anyone help? Anyone had it happen to them?
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    somebody buy this ideal shuttle rig. The Army has held onto their Isuzu Diesel engined Landrovers for their amazing no fuss diesel engines for about 30 years, as no brand could make anything as reliable. These 6x6s rarely come up, although I think...
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    Heavy dude puncture proofing?

    So my neighbor has asked to help him set up tubeless on his 29er because he keeps getting punctures. Pinch flats I'm guessing. and I said I would. I've since found out he's 130kg. So I'm now thinking he'll possibly still pinch flat with tubeless. He's on 2.1 tyres. I'm thinking maybe tubeless...
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    Puzzle, possibly easy, mathematical.

    So I have a 600litre fish tank, I usually change 1/3rd of the water by removing 1/3rd and replacing it with fresh water. If I was to do it by removing and replacing 10 liters at a time, how many 10 liters would it take to Acheive the same water quality? So if the fresh water was blue dye how...
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    fresh ad posted
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    i got one. found

    New style Boxxer medium Spring anywhere in Oz will pay whatever is fair or swap for firm Spring. please pm me if you have one. sorry no template using phone
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    Guy needs a lift Syd to Thredbo next friday the 4th.

    Asking on behalf of a guy from Singapore heading to Thredbo with his bike. PM me if you have a spare seat and bike room. I'm sure he'll pay fuel.