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    NSW Ibis Mojo HD4 (large)

    Price drop ;)
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    NSW Ibis Mojo HD4 (large)

    Item: Ibis Mojo HD4 - large Location: Sutherland shire NSW Item Condition: 18 months old with some paint scratches/chips but in excellent condition otherwise. Bike was refreshed before a recent trip to NZ including new shock hardware, chain, brake bleed, and lower leg service Reason for...
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    Post your All MTN/Funduro hardtail

    Here's my new Honzo ST! 2018 large frame Fox 36 grip2 140mm 44mm offset XTR/XT groupset Mavic rims on Hope Pro4s 170mm OneUp dropper post It's a riot to ride and has handled everything I've pointed it down.
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    NSW Sold

    Santa Cruz Bronson CC XL (fits like a large) Sold
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    NSW SOLD Hope tech 3 e4 brake set with rotors

    Item: Hope tech 3 E4 brakes (black), 2 x 180mm hope floating rotors (black), includes full set sintered and full set organic pads Location: Sutherland Shire Item Condition: 3 months old, as new condition apart from very slight scuff on rear reservoir. Reason for selling: Fund new rig Price...
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    NSW SOLD: Santa Cruz Bronson CC large with Fox X2

    Thanks, post updated.
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    NSW SOLD: Santa Cruz Bronson CC large with Fox X2

    sold sold sold
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    NSW sold

    Selling my Ibis Mojo HD3 frame, large size. It's 1 year old with only about 500kms on it. Was frame skinned from new but there are a few marks where the skin didnt cover, most notably inside the rear triangle. This is the 12x142 frame (a boost rear triangle is available from Ibis). Amazing...
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    NSW Yeti SB5c frame - Large - SOLD

    Sold - I can't update the title??
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    NSW rollercoaster series 2016

    Did anyone manage to find the stages? Could be these??
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    NSW rollercoaster series 2016

    Would you be able to share the map on here as well? I'm planning to head up before the race as I've never been to Killingworth and would like to ride the race stages
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    NSW SOLD 2015 Pivot Mach 4 Carbon Large Frame

    price drop
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    NSW SOLD 2015 Pivot Mach 4 Carbon Large Frame

    I'm 183cm and to me it felt a little small at times, particularly when I tried the shorter stems
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    NSW SOLD 2015 Pivot Mach 4 Carbon Large Frame

    How tall are you?
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    NSW SOLD 2015 Pivot Mach 4 Carbon Large Frame

    Yep standard taper
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    NSW SOLD 2015 Pivot Mach 4 Carbon Large Frame

    Item: Pivot Mach 4 Carbon, large size, lime/black colour Location: Sutherland Shire NSW but can ship nationally Item Condition: Great condition, 12 months old with only a few minor scuffs Reason for selling: Yeti Price and price conditions: 2100 Extra Info: 27.5, Di2 compatible, 115mm rear...
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    NSW SOLD 2015 Pivot Mach 4 Carbon 27.5

    Selling as frame now. Check frame section ;)
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    Learning to ride with flats

    I did the same as OP around 12 months ago for many of the same reasons and it worked a treat, I've really improved technique particularly on jumping and I'm now doing respectable sized jumps. I've recently clipped back in on my xc/trail bike and I'm finding the bad habits that lead me to...
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    All Mountain Tyres

    I'm pretty excited for the dhf 2.5 and dhr 2.4 if those rumours are true, hopefully they will also come in the double down casing. I had been running 2.3 dhf/dhr2 until recently I rode my friends bike with magic mary/hans damf and was shocked by how much more grip he had. I tried out MM/HD in SG...
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    NSW Mill Creek Conservation Park (Menai) - MTB Trail building Thread

    We built 2 new diversions - the top is closed, the lower is open. I walked the top bit to check the drainage, and I had a good session on the new doubles further down Saw a few people out enjoying the trails too...