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    QLD Bringing a Santa Cruz Blur into the future

    Any chance you could message me some photos
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    QLD Bringing a Santa Cruz Blur into the future

    I’ve thought about going down that route but not quite enough room in the rear triangle
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    QLD Bringing a Santa Cruz Blur into the future

    Hey mate, what are you chasing for the stem?
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    QLD Bringing a Santa Cruz Blur into the future

    Item:Hi guys, I bought a early 2000’s Santa Cruz Blur xc that I want to bring into the future a little so I’m chasing the following parts: - Thomson seatpost longer the better 30.9mm Thomson stem 100mm 31.8mm Black handlebars 750mm wise and 31.8mm diameter, not overly concerned on brand Decent...
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    QLD 26" Trail Hardtail Frame

    Item: Chasing a large 26" wheeled hardtail frame. Prefer a Santa Cruz Chameleon, Cotic or Ragely Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Good Price and price conditions: Let me know If you've got something that suits let me know. Can also swap a large Santa Cruz Butcher if that interests you.
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    QLD WTB xc rear wheel, brakes, drivetrain and pedals

    Hi guys, I'm chasing a few bits to bring some life back into my cross country hardtail. Item: 29" QR rear wheel Condition: Can be used but looking for quality Price: Less than whatever I can buy a hope wheel off the net Location: Brisbane Info: Would be really good if it had the...
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    Injuries. What's your story?

    I've just had surgery for the exact same break. I had a 1.5cm gap in my olecranon and a fair bit of shattering so got it wired back together last week. It's nice to hear a good story about your recovery everyone else is saying it is never going to be anywhere as good as it was. Did you get yours...
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    WA Sold please delete

    Sold pending payment
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    WA Sold please delete

    Item: Large Norco Bigfoot Location: Albany WA Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need money for other endeavours Price and price conditions: $800 Extra Info: Originally owned by bike shop owner and then I've ridden it 5 times. Stock as a rock bar bottle cage. Contact me on 0488...
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    My shed

    Just thought I'd chuck up what I'm riding at the moment (minus fatbike cause I couldn't be bothered getting it out of the shed haha): Start of with the Niner: Frame - Niner Air 9 Fork - Fox F100 Handlebars - Truvativ Stevie Smith Stem - Thomson Headset - Cane Creek Grips -...
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    WA RH Sram X9 shifter

    Item: RH 9 speed SRAM X9 shifter Location: Albany WA Item Condition: Any as long as the top cover is intact Price and price conditions: ? Extra Info: Contact me by PM or in this thread with offers. Cheers
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    Clutch Replacement.

    I don't know where Knuckles is taking his car to but I got mine done in a day although it was a hilux. Just call up in advance to make sure they have all the parts in stock.
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    XC Niner Air 9

    Yeah my bad it's actually a air 9 haha.
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    XC Niner Air 9

    I cracked another frame so thought I'd have a bit of an upgrade. Big thanks to Timmy at FTR for doing a good deal and Bobby at Bobs Bikes in Albany for putting it all together for me. Spec: Frame: Niner AIR 9 Fork: Fox F100 Headset: FSA Stem: Thomson Handlebars: Ritchey pro (soon to be...
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    WA Large 29er frame

    Location: I'm in Albany WA so would prefer southern WA but willing to pay postage. Item: Large 29er frame eg. Giant xtc, Santa Cruz highball ..... Condition: No cracks Price: Less than $1000 If you could pm me any offers that would be great. Cheers
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    WA: Kalamunda Circuit. Good tyres for Pea gravel?

    I've been running a maxxis high roller on the front and a Schwalbe hans dampf on the rear on my santa cruz butcher and love it. When the maxxis wears out I will definitely put a hans dampf on the front too.
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    Dakine pick up pad ?

    I purchased one off jenson usa although it was out of stock at the time.
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    Gravity riding near Ballina?

    Hey mate get on facebook and join the Northern Rivers Mountain Bikers group and all your problems will be solved.
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    Does anyone have any info about Albany WA

    Hi guys, I've only started this thread as a bit of a last resort as google hasn't really provided the answers. I might be moving here in the near future and I've never been there before so I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the place. Is there much riding? Places to avoid? Things...
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    QLD Please remove

    I've decided to hang on to it so it's no longer for sale.