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  1. Matt H

    STOLEN QLD - 2016 Giant Trance 2

    Bike: 2016 Giant Trance 2 - LARGE Colour: Grey/Red Date it was stolen: 6/1/17 Where it was stolen: Indooroopilly, Brisbane Specs: Dead stock. Bike has Giant flat pedals which are pretty much the only aftermarket part. Other Discriptions: Bike has a niterider handlebar mount, sans the actual...
  2. Matt H

    QLD 2008 Jamis Dakar XAM 2 Large/19" SOLD

    Item: 2008 Jamis Dakar XAM 2. Large (19") Location: Townsville. Pickup only at this stage. Item Condition: Very Good. Bike has seen very little (less than 12 months) use. Reason for selling: No longer used. The bike has been in storage for a long time. Price: $1350 Extra Info...
  3. Matt H


    So, I'm surprised this hasn't had a thread yet, considering all of the media attention this has had in the last week or so. A good description and background of it, courtesy of The Economist...
  4. Matt H

    Four more years

    i might be speaking too soon, but i'll risk it.
  5. Matt H

    The inaugral Farkin QWOP Championship

    So with all the buzz about the upcoming Olympics, I thought we could have a bit of a game on here. Meet QWOP, the boneless alcoholic athlete. This is probably the hardest flash game I've ever played. My best so far is around 30m or so, and apparently it's a 100m track. Here's...
  6. Matt H

    Queensland Election Thread

    So far it's even worse than I expected. ALP - 4 LNP - 69 The biggest shock for me is that people actually voted for Katter...
  7. Matt H

    Palmer says green groups funded by CIA Has this guy lost the plot? It seems like he's addicted to having his name in the headlines and is willing to say or do anything to keep it there.
  8. Matt H

    Advice needed (dealing with real estate agents...)

    So I've just finished a lease in a sharehouse, we gave notice two weeks ago and today was the day we were due to hand the keys in. We actually lost a set of keys (well, only a front door key as that's the only operating lock) several months back, and couldn't find a locksmith anywhere that...
  9. Matt H

    Rudd Resigns as Foreign Minister

    Story "I promise you this - there is no way, no way, that I will ever be part of a stealth attack on a sitting prime minister elected by the people" It'll be...
  10. Matt H

    Mystery flies

    I woke up this morning with a hefty hangover at my girlfriend's house and went downstairs to discover probably at least a hundred flies covering the insides of the windows and screen doors. There was no food left out, the bins stay in a cupboard and the entire house was sealed. I cannot fathom...
  11. Matt H

    New "ads by google" or is my computer filled with nasties?

    I'm guessing its the latter, but I haven't been able to pull anything with spyware/adware removal programs yet. Just checking if anyone else is seeing this too.
  12. Matt H

    Where should I get a job?/Student employment general

    After moving out of college and almost a year of living on struggle street, I've decided that I should really get a part time job. I'm a second year economics student at UQ - majoring in international trade and finance, and apart from a few months at best & less when I was 14 I've pretty much...
  13. Matt H

    S&P downgrades US credit rating Pretty ironic coming from the agency that gave AAA ratings to mortgage backed securities before the GFC. Monday is going to be a bit of a shakeup. I'm guessing the AUD is going to go up compared to the greenback, the sharemarket is going to...
  14. Matt H

    Farkers of days gone by

    I was thinking about this earlier today. I've been a regular on here for at least the last 3 years, and I've seen a lot of memorable personalities come and go. What happened to Grip? I haven't seen the prawn picture in a while. Lucky7 was a cool guy who seemed to have heaps of cool...
  15. Matt H

    Places to find housemate, brisbane

    What are some good, free ways to advertise a room in Brisbane? I've tried gumtree but got minimal results from there. [WOMBAT EDIT: come on dude, don't push it too hard]
  16. Matt H

    Forts and The Inbetween (feat. bikeless hucking) I thought this was a pisstake when I started reading it, but then I watched the video. Who wants to build a fort and ask deep questions inside it? :rolleyes:
  17. Matt H

    Audiophiles - help needed.

    I have a really old Hitachi reciever and speakers that previously had a really nice sound. I had a party the other night and some muppet kept turning it up to max volume with his iphone plugged in and now one of the speakers is fucked. I can't see any external damage on the speaker cone but...
  18. Matt H

    Glandular Fever

    So I've landed this fucker of a virus and I've been practically bed-ridden for the last 2 days and I'm just getting worse and worse. Can anyone who's had this before recommend what I should be eating/taking/etc. to help me get better? Getting to the business end of the uni semester now and I...
  19. Matt H

    Restaurants in South bank

    I'm eating out tonight and apparently heading into south bank is the thing to do, except I have no idea what's good and what isn't. Any recommendations? Not too expensive, I'm an unemployed bum at the moment... EDIT: I just realised that there's actually a melbourne southbank as we'll. I'm...
  20. Matt H

    Someone help before I throw my laptop out the window. (audio issues, win 7)

    So, I recently tried to install halo 2 on my machine, but it wouldn't play so I spent about 3 hours talking to windows tech support mumbai, to no avail. He's going to call me back tomorrow after he "researches" the problem. HOWEVER, after he used his witchcraft on my computer from afar, my...