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    Item: 2012 Santa Cruz Tallboy large orange Location: Sydney, NSW Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: got a new bike for xmas Price and price conditions: $1600 Pictures: Yep. Extra Info: Up for sale is my Santa Cruz Tallboy. Size large, though Santa Cruz size up, so whilst I'm a medium...
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    NSW 2016 Niner RLT 53cm

    Item: 2016 Niner RLT 53cm Location: Sydney Item Condition: Pretty good. Only a couple of rubs marks, the worst hidden by the crank where a dropped chain took off a bit of bark Reason for selling: The triumvirate of most sales: time, money, and another kid Price and price conditions:$1800...
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    Lost: Garmin 800 at Loftus, NSW

    Lost my Garmin 800 mtbing at Loftus last weekend. Please PM if found.
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    NSW Sold

    Item: Rockshox Recon Silver 29” Black Location: Strathfield Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Moving house / not used Price and price conditions: $SOLD Extra Info: Bought this second hand got used half a dozen times, upgraded to Fox. Could do with new seals by the sound of it...
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    WITHDRAWN from sale
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    Scott 25 hour entry

    Looking for a third member for our mixed team. The only female in the team has done her knee, and after much deliberation, hoping it would come good, she has pulled out. The two remaining members, my brother in law and myself are not racers - in fact the training and riding in general has...
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    XC My rides

    Picked up this Trek 8000 LT off my mate, who bought it from another mate who bought it off eBay. It was a good start to mountain biking, gave me the chance to make some repairs as the BB was done in. P1030510 by Gina and Martin, on Flickr P1030512 by Gina and Martin, on Flickr Got...